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  1. New Target Halloween Tombstones

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    Hey Guys, Target has new tombstones on their website...check out page 5 and 6...there was a third one (taller too) but they seem to have taken it off for some reason, not sure why. If the link doesn't work you can just type "halloween tombstone" into the target search box...
  2. K-Mart. Wow. Impressed me!

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    Costco Costco has a really cool skull!! its cheaper when you purchase at the warehouse. I believe its $44/48..:)...
  3. Halloween @ Target 2010

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    Rocking bat @Target Yeah i did. Its the same exact one that Spirit is selling for $40/45!!! . I saw it first at Spirit but i did not agree with the price then luckily i saw it at Target woo-hoo. I feel bad for those people who actually paid that much for it. The funny thing is their is a...
  4. Halloween @ Target 2010

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    I purchased the mummy guy he is really cool. Kind of confused though because it says it could hang or sit up but I am not sure how to hang it because their is no string or anything. My only guess is to tear off the cloth from the top of the head and hang it that way. Anyway, you guys should...