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  • kmeyer1313 ·
    You had mentioned on the card exchange thread if someone didn't get your card to let you know....I think mine got lost in the mail, cause I never received it. I hope you received mine - if not, please let me know & I'll send you out another one posthaste. I tried to send you this in a PM, but your box is full.
    Spookybella977 ·
    Red Hallows that is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad the eye didn't fall off!! LOL!!! I made sure to glue them with super glue!! I'm glad you liked the card!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    The Red Hallows ·
    I went out to mailbox today and grabbed the mail. I was flipping through everything and then I saw an envelope with an eye sticking out on the front of the envelope. I was thinking... HUH? The envelope tore right where the big eye was on the pumpkin and it looked soooo stinkin' cool like he was staring at me. I love the card. Thank you!
    Spookybella977 ·
    Hi HallowSusieBoo!!! I was having a lot of trouble loading pics too!!! they just wouldn't load so what I did was I closed my internet explorer and went to firefox and I signed on to the forum from there and I no longer had problems! I uploaded the pics from my iphone to my desktop and from there to the forum! To get the space all I did was load pics and space in between, If i knew I wanted to comment on just one I would load that one and comment and then space then load the next group of two, three (whatever amount you want) and comment and then space again comment and load more pics ...I hope this helps!!!!!!!!! and thank you for liking my gifts! :)
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow Spookybella! MUST ASK -- How did you upload your pics so quickly and within a sequence so that you can comment on each on in your posting? Did you first put them on your desktop - or directly post from your device into an album? I am stumped about what has happened with my ability to post pics. I used to have no trouble --- but now the jpeg size keeps kicking them out and I cannot resize from within the Forum site... just curious about your process of posting pics.... beautiful gifts btw!
    norwayreaper ·
    Hi Spookybella977

    Seen that you stopped by my profile page, so I thought I'd stop by to say Hi ! Also welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around here in the forum, and hope to talk now and then. Have a good one. :)
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