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  • Dark lord ·
    Hi Spookmaster,
    Would be more than glad to teach you anything I can about ABing. :D *Warning, ABing does & will become addicting, :eek: ;) ......LoL Will PM you.
    Dark Lord, aka Merlin Extreme GraF/X :cool:
    Spookmaster ·
    Well, at least I added you.....I really need to move around the meet Halloween people....

    Sent Dl a message....

    Good to see you...

    Terra ·
    Hello there :) I do a lot of airbrushing so I'm probably the right one. I'm not the hugest master of airbrushing - for that I must recommend DarkLord. He actually teaches airbrushing classes and helps me loads to learning how to use mine.
    Tannasgach ·
    Thanks Spookmaster. I know she tried Bearshare before but didn't like it and tried another site but said they didn't have a very good selection. She'll find a way, being a mom I'm very good at manipulating her ;) but boy does she complain. She shows me how to do it but by the time the next holiday/party rolls around I forget. lol
    SweetnScary ·
    My husband and I have been brainstorming for this years favorite holiday festivities... we have a ton of trick or treaters here. We are outside the village but the kids all walk the area. Last year (the first year we lived where we are now) we ran out of candy by 7pm! (you can have some of my trick or treaters lol)
    When I took our kids out after it got dark, the other homeowners were saying that in the past years they just give out 1 piece of candy to each kid and have gone through 2 of those 500 piece bags of candy in a night. The town isn't like a big city, not even close! crazy...
    Spookmaster ·
    just another day in the neighborhood here - finally got my lawn furniture out....had a fire in the backyard last night.....my son, who lives in Watertown, went to PA and brought back $600 of fireworks.....guess we'll be having our own show here on the 4th...lol.
    TheShadows ·
    You're very funny. I just read your visitor message to yourself below - lol. I did receive your two emails yesterday. It was my first day off in a very long time, and I haven't been to sleep yet. Was here and also catching up on other things - even played free Texas Hold 'em on the computer and won big but won nothing since it was free. Thanks for the Halloween songs. Will talk to you soon. Will likely sleep late again today since I've been up all night. Have fun! :D
    Spookmaster ·
    ok - I couldn't find your email address....but I'm 6ft4, 270ish, glasses, beard...sorta like Stephen King, w/o the $$ and talent....LMAO
    TheShadows ·
    LOL - No, I've been extremely busy. Just found out my younger brother has cancer, and based on what you said in your most recent email, I thought you were going to get back to me. Sorry, but things have been crazy here. It's finals week and then I have one week to prepare 6 classes for summer. ;) I'm not ignoring you. We will talk soon. :)
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