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  • HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow Spooky...Mama! Saw some glittery decor and instantly thought of you. Bet your school life has you all tied up these days. Just wanted to say Hallow and see how your Halloween life is hangin' ....BOO!
    badgirl ·
    I moved into a director's role, but the school is a primary one serving 3-6 year olds. Lots of yucky colds going around here too but so far i have escaped!
    blowmoldcrazy ·
    your welcome. I always see your posts on picture and I was like"why haven't send a friend request to her yet?'' the ghost on my profile pops up quite a bit on ebay and is pretty common at yard sales and flea market but I hope you find one.:D
    Hilda ·
    Well thank you for your kind words!!
    I can't believe we had not already connected on the friend's list. Long overdue. :D
    hallorenescene ·
    besides the fact they are just so cute, yeah, I think the hunt for them and then the score, yet still more out there is a big part of the appeal.
    creeeepycathy ·
    Estate sale shopping sounds like a lot of fun. :) Have always wanted to check one out. Sounds like the prices are incredible. :)

    Haven't worked on anything in a month. (been doing genealogy stuff) But, finished up my façade (finally) 4-5 weeks ago. Took me 2 months to build. This is it:


    You'd better get in gear, lady. Do you plan H'ween things for the kids in your class? When my kiddo was teaching, I planned all her October crafts. A couple of years ago, I made tombstones for all of them and they got to paint whatever they wanted on it. :D The 1st year she taught, they had a door decorating contest for H'ween. I went in and boarded up the door, hung spiders and spider webs, etc... It got 1st place. :) I think I had more fun than the kids did. :)
    Hope you enjoy what is left of your vacation. :)
    Take care. :)
    bethene ·
    I know , isn't it crazy? we still feel the same. My ,mom said to me once that she feels like she always did, in her 20's, 30's then looks in the mirror and wonders where this old lady came from!!!! So maybe we all are like that,,, And just feel sorry for me,, I am staring down 60 !! EEEKKK!!!!!!!!!
    bethene ·
    hey,, Gf,, just saw your picture,, you are so gorgeous!!!!!! Such a sweet face you have!!! And what is this about you being old?? pishaw! Try adding 12 years to that,,, that is where the heck I am,,, man,, talk about get!ting freaking old!!! But since hubby's stroke, I have lost over 30 pounds,, trying to get healthy, even if he won't ... butt head,,, but that is another story for another day! you look Mahvous, darling!!! (maybe after I finish with my weight loss.. getting close, I will post a pic,,, but then I won't like looking at the wrinkles, LOL!!!!! )
    The Halloween Lady ·
    So.... I was just reading your blog and noticed that you said you had posted a pic. I quickly booked over to take a peek and WOWZA!!!!!! You certainly are one spookilicious mama! You have such a lovely smile, I'm sure your "new kids" cant help but love such a beutiful kind face. It is a lovely pic, you look amazing. :D
    I am just glad you are back too to start making trouble. LOL! I have been having fun doing the two Mini Secret Reaper. Trying my hands at making some of the stuff. I am no expert but at least I am trying... Now I will be starting a job on Monday, I can plot my Halloween. I am helping out with the SouthSide Community that I am part of working and helping doing a Haunted House. I have some ideas that I want to do to help make the attraction more. BUT I NEED MONEY FIRST!!! LOL!
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