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  1. BenQ MW824ST for Sale!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi! Upgrading to 1080 Optoma projector.. If interested, I have a BenQ MW824ST for sale over on the Bay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153740064765 Minimal hours, 3200 lumen - 1280x800 Reserve set at $400 Thanks, Rich
  2. Train on the Brain. Curse you, J-Man!

    Halloween Props
    Something like this out of nowhere?
  3. My BEETLEJUICE homage haunt 2019!

    General Halloween
    Wow! absolutely amazing! you should tweet the youtube link to beetlejuice the musical on broadway! they may retweet it and get you some tix ;) Incredible!
  4. 2019 House Projection mapping

    General Halloween
    Thanks J-Man! Quite a compliment coming from you!
  5. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Thanks!! I can put them out for the pumpkins..Can't beat the price!
  6. 2019 House Projection mapping

    General Halloween
    Thanks! This year I stepped down to 3 (I had 5 last year). One is projecting on the entire house, one on the garage doors, and one that is rear projecting on a shower curtain in the upstairs window. There are several posts discussing projections how to's etc.. I use ATMOSFX for most of my...
  7. 2019 House Projection mapping

    General Halloween
    Hi Everyone, I haven't been very active here, mostly due work and being a parent of incredibly active high schoolers haha.. But I hope that everyone had an AMAZING Halloween! I just thought that I would share this past year's attempts. My oldest is a huge Billie Eilish fan, so I thought that I...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: House projection mapped into Dante's Inferno room from Beetlejuice

    Halloween Props
    How did I miss this! Sorry for being soo late , but wow this is fantastic (hopefully you are still active to see this!)
  9. Need ideas on how to mount inflatable eyeballs in a tree

    Halloween Props
    Fishing rod string to secure the cord and light fixture to the tree. If you need to really secure the line to the ball itself, possibly fishing line secured by clear packing tape? Just thoughts, I've never actually done this but best of luck!
  10. Projection mapping

    Halloween Props
    Thanks very much! Syncing was the bane of my existence for the month of October last year haha: I had 4 projectors running a 5 min, 21second video. Since all vids are same length (I learned one was a few fractions of a second off, but I will discuss that later), all I needed was to start...
  11. Projection mapping

    Halloween Props
    I am in Southern NJ . Just for "full disclosure" My YouTube channel is higher up (#7 in the responses) The Barn video with the pumpkins in the post you replied to is from "project this house ". I believe he is in California, but not sure. I wish he was closer haha
  12. Help wanted from Projection Wizzes!

    Halloween Props
    Good info from Kakugori. It looks like there should be a room behind the windows, can you get to that area to set up projectors? Can you get to the room to run a trial before? This way you can see how well the images show up behind the darker glass. I use dollar general white shower liners and...
  13. Ultimate Halloween Video Mix Vol 5. (2019)

    General Halloween
    Thanks very much for the time and effort you put into these! I can't wait to download and check it out!
  14. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Outside of Atlantic City
  15. House Projection 2016

    General Halloween
    Just offering $.01 worth of opinion (I don't have brick, so take this for what it's worth).. Mads is definitely the guy to ask. I am not sure if Mads is on these days, but since I happened to be passing by I thought I would chime in.. You may want to look at vids from Matt Champneys over at...