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  • scareme ·
    Sorry, I didn't see your message. You need to click on my avatar and post on my page. Anyway, how cool! I live over by 89th and Penn, and I'm going to be getting rid of some Halloween things. If I don't get rid of them, my husband will, and I'm afraid what he would do. If you are wanting some things let me know. I do a yard haunt and last year I got around 700. It gets crazy.
    SpiderMonkey ·
    Heya Scareme! south sider too - lived in a lot of places during my life but for the most part always been a south sider. Graduated from Moore High School in '83. We're just a few miles more south - close to Westmoore. As far as a setup, this is going to be my first year and I think it'll be slim. LOL. I'm a total amateur and apprehensive about trying something and messing it up. Plus, it always seems like I just lack the right tool for the job! You been a Haunter for awhile or just getting into it too??
    scareme ·
    Hi there! Good to see another Okie on here. And from the city too! I'm a south sider, over by OCCC. We do a front yard setup and get a good response from the kids. What kind of set up do you do?
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