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  • Pumpkin5 ·
    :)Love your idea for the countdown clock for next month's project. I'm going to make a big countdown clock to have in my front yard....Counting down the days until Halloween for the whole neighborhood! Thanks for the great idea! I don't really have a place for a haunted clock, but a countdown clock for my yard, most definitely!!! Thanks for the inspiration!:D
    Vertigo Mindwarp ·
    Hi Spats! I am a new member to the forum and was searching posts when I came to your posts about 'Musique Macabre',
    I AM Musique Macabre, lol. Thanks so much for telling people about the station! And thanks for listening, VM
    Junit ·
    Thanks for the shriek suggestion. I youtubed barn owls, barred, screech none of them sound right. I think i mentioned the same thing last year and someone told me a bobcat... But I hadn't found one of those that sounded right either... We have owls every year but last year just a couple nights there was some poor sounding critter out there lol
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Im not stalking you I promise:) However if you have a recipe for the warm apple cider you speak about in "Whats your favorite Halloween activity" I would really love to have it, pretty please:)
    BeaconSamurai ·
    I have some Dry-Lock paint, unfortunetly I'm using it to seal my basement! I'll have to try that on the next one, thanks.

    The FedEx box is really stable. Once sealed there is no real flexing. The whole display is mounted onto a piece of plywood. I stapled and glued the flaps onto the plywood.

    To water proof it I seal Coated it with some Tripp by carver.
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Hey there I just wanted to stop by and say how much I loved reading your post in the Halloween just got a financial hit thread! It was positive and uplifting and very refreshing!!! You are right Halloween does not have to be an expensive holiday, some of the best things about it (caramel apples) cost almost nothing. LOL I posted as well letting him know of some really cheap ground breaker coffins I learned how to make on here. I just wanted to tell you that it was nice to see such a positive and uplisting response:)
    Baron Samedi ·
    Since you would never damage a gentleman's top hat, one can discern that you are a gentleman of manners and breeding...
    To this end, I should be most honoured if you would see fit to join my friends list.

    Kind regards,

    Halloweenie1 ·
    Hi Spats, I like your ideas on sound effects and your suggestions on the "Simple Yet Effective" thread. Please join my friends list and stay in touch. I like to share ideas and chat with fellow haunters....take care, Halloweenie1:)

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