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    Guest ·
    Yay! you get to do a haunt this year!!! :) I'm excited for ya!!!! :)
    Hollar at me when you get that video posted!!!! :)
    Guest ·
    hey!! did you have to have surgery on the rotary cuff? ouch, sounds painful.
    Need some help posting pics? hint... hint..LOL
    How far along did you get on the 3 axis/pumpkin combo? I need to change things up for next year; am really bored with the cemetery. But not sure what I'm going to do...yet. lol Definitely want to put a corn field in the back yard to make a corn maze. My neighbors are, fortunately, pretty understanding about my Halloween passion. LOL
    I wish you'd keep all that cold winter air up in TN., instead of sending it down here. LOL My hubby bought me a Fatboy a couple of months ago, and it's impossible to ride in this weather. LOL
    Will your daughter be visiting from London, during the Holidays? Hope y'all have a great Christmas! :)
    talk to ya later! :)
    Guest ·
    Hey Keith, How are things up your way? Are you still working halloween?
    Dark lord ·
    Sorry, been crazy busy all of a sudden, what in particular,..... do you have a spray gun & airbrush yet ? More than happier to give you any info / advise I can, PM me & we can chat about it more. :D
    phil121 ·
    Hey Keith thanks for that very positive comment ;) I have now got my timer working correctly and im extremely glad that you like england, is your daughter into halloween ???
    witchiepoo ·
    hi keith - I'm in a small village on the west coast - Rosneath - near Helensburgh. Been to campbelltown a few times as my sister lived there for a few years - her husband was a local cop there in the late 80's & they lived in one of the the police houses there. Were you stationed at the base?
    Jaege ·
    Borrow away. Steal even. It is the sincerest form of flattery. The finials came from Kings Architectural Metals. You can find them online. They have a whole line of plastic finials, pretty cheap too. The rings are just 4 inch pvc pipe cut into slices.
    Guest ·
    WOW! you went to London! That sounds like fun!!! :) I've always wanted to go!
    How's your 'Stang? I just got back from Myrtle Beach for a few days. Headed back soon. They have Mustang Week down there every year on the last full week of July!! I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! Feel like a kid, again. I need a danged Cobra!!!! LOL I'm the oldest woman there with the lamest a$$ mustang but I have the best time!! I get all giggly just thinking about it!! :D:D
    Looking forward to seeing pics of your skull!
    Haven't worked on anything since I made my entrance sign. and thank you for all your compliments. :) Have been building one thing or another for several months, and I got burnt out. Never thought I'd say that. LOL Plus, it is hot out there! So, in 4-5 weeks I'll start on something, not sure what tho.
    take care. :) Cathy
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