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  1. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    I have noticed that a few items stayed the same price. The skeleton horse, pony and black skeleton spider.
  2. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    They had free shipping last year at the lower price. HD knows that the dragons will sell out before the 75% discount. The manufacturers removed the fog machine to cut the weight and cost of shipping to the US. My wife is still bummed about not ordering the blue dragon last year.
  3. Halloween Garage Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Still having your garage sale Saturday and what is left please?
  4. Other: Creative ideas for these junk?

    Halloween Props
    I have gotten a hold of a few unique items that I am going to use in building something for my outside displays. In addition, I have quite a collection of string led lights and a lot of tools. Any suggestions that doesn't cost a lot?
  5. What to get on Amazon?

    General Halloween
    Sadly, Krogers had the best deal on the werewolf skeleton last year. I ended up with about 6 of them thanks to Kroger's coupons.
  6. What to get on Amazon?

    General Halloween
    Hi. I just got $30 to spend on Amazon. Any suggestions? I've got enough Alexa to make a haunted army already. The bone color Alien Crazy Bonez is at $15 a piece, but I don't need any more. I need something for my monster displays. Go!
  7. Lenmir.com. is it good or bad?

    Merchant Reviews
    http://lenmir.com/ It has some really good prices on animated props, but I'm not sure about it. Does anyone know this site?
  8. halloween roof lights

    General Halloween
    Get the color changing lights that you can control by either remote or phone from Home Depot or Lowes. You can use the purple, red or orange even in strob form. Then you can change it to X-mas with a flix of a button. Well worth the price and way less work. They also sync upon command.
  9. Lowes Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    I found the info. I think they are 3 ft. .Sorry.
  10. Lowes Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    No. It showed a display where there was a deep box with what looked like the skeletons. They looked like detailed ribs, but the skull did NOT have a movable jaw. There was a yellow sign attached to the box that said $14.99 on it.
  11. Lowes Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    Rumor has it they might have a $15 skeleton this year..... True or false? Can't find it online, but saw a pic involving them in a box on facebook.
  12. Oriental Trading deals!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Found a few other deals. Witch $26 And the rest!
  13. Oriental Trading deals!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Check out these prices! Hanging Jack-O'-Lantern Skeleton Under $20! Chrome Female Skeleton Under $35! Chrome Male Skeleton Under $35!
  14. Amazon deal?

    General Halloween
    I'm doing a spiders vs skeletons theme this year. I have the 9 ft Home Depot spider as the main part and a ton of skeletons. I'm probably going to get a replacement cocoon corpse along with the giant web. I'm just wondering if anyone has seen any really good deals on Amazon recently? It does...
  15. Rumors! 2018

    General Halloween
    I'm going to take a good guess here and determine that based on what I saw at At Homes, that Home Depot will get Skeleton Unicorns this year. It also wouldn't surprise me if someone makes a different version of the skeleton dragons. Anyone else heard any rumors?