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  • punkineater ·
    Just took a cruise through the pics you just posted, plus some of the other albums. Your haunt looks great!!! Love the use of layered lighting~well done!!!
    The Halloween Lady ·
    I just looked through your albums again and you have some wonderful pics. You have certainly amassed some wonderful props and displayed them rally well. Great lighting too!
    splunge999 ·
    Hi! I am also on Long Island....I was wondering where you are located? There are no haunts around by me....I am in Plainedge.....near North Massapequa...
    bamtunebam ·
    I went through your 2011 album. You did a great job with the lighting. I also love all of the props you have. I have the same "Scene Setter " as you do. The one with the red wallpaper. It is one of my favorites.
    bamtunebam ·
    The links you posted on the spook house rides were great! I used to love those rides. I don't understand why they don't do those more.

    We have a ride at the main amusement park in Denver, but it is so boring they added shooting with targets to the ride to give you something to do.

    Thanks again.
    ctarpey ·
    hey saw that you were a fellow long islander. are you out east on te island by montauk or the other side closer to the city.
    slash ·
    You are a cool guy I see you help people with soundtracks. Do you have any creepy clown soundtracks by any chance?
    Forum User ·
    Hello Mr. Shockwave199. First of all, just watched the video of your various props- love it. Secondly, I am a very new haunter so i would appreciate some advice...I have the hovering ghost that you used so wonderfully in front of your window, but mine is sound activated. Did you hack in to make them move constantly? You don't need to get super technical, b/c I am not going to mess too much with mine! Just thought your looked awesome! Thanks!
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Thanks for the kind comments on my crypt. If you go to my profile page and check out all of my albums one of them has a daytime pic where you can see the detail better and its closer also in the nighttime album there is a closer shot at night as well. It is 10 feet high, 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep. it is made of all playwood and two by fours. I drew it up, hubby made it and I painted it. It comes apart adn we store it in the garage each year since the weather here in the summer would really do a number on it.
    Guest ·
    I just read in the 'economy' thread that you quit smoking. congrats! :) ... but you used to pay just under $10 a pack?!?!! :eek::eek: Ouch! I think I would've quit too, or defintiely cut down. :D Down here, I pay $33 for a carton on sale. I need to start hauling cigarettes up to NY to sell. j/k :D:D Cathy
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