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  • LadySherry ·
    Sorry, Got busy at work. There is a website that sells the stuff to make funhouse mirrors yourself. and for games there are the witch hat toss. (rings tossed over witch hats), The frog catapult, the demon ducks(fishing game with duck pond). I am doing a freakshow and a magician gone wrong for mine. As these ideas come into my head I will forward them to you. How about you? Come up with anything?
    hallorenescene ·
    hey, aren't you the one who watches ghost hunters? do you still watch? if so, did you see where they are going to go investigate pearl harbor? should be a good episode
    you're haunt sounds like it should be exciting. hope you put it in an album so i can check it out.
    Shebear1 ·
    Hi, everyone. This Halloween we are planning to create Dracula's castle, with winding dark halls, unexpected surprises for the T&Ts, ending up in Dracula's coffin chamber. I have several fun house mirrors that will be positioned at intervals in the hallway, along with dead ends, air blasters, sound effects, and lots of rats and vampire bats. Can anyone suggest some other ways we could freak out the kids?
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