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  • undead_october ·
    Hi Serpentia.. Your comments in the "alone" thread about the happy people and also about the mindset seem dead on accurate to me. IO absolutely agree.. I posted something like a follow up line of thinking in there.

    Ghouliet ·
    Did you get your Victoria revamped? I bought this prop and the first one came with a smashed nose. I did buy a second one and used it as is last year but I would like to play around with the first one with the smushed nose and turn it into an different looking woman. I figure if I repaint it with a little "blood" the smashed nose would look deliberate. I would Love to see what you did with yours.
    Serpentia ·
    Vicky is alleged to be shipped on 10/17, and I think i am just about to die *myself*, waiting. I could have been working on her all month! But no, I had to hesitate and wait to order till the end of September. Live and learn.... next time I will know better.

    The only thing worse than this is her NOT shipping for some reason on the 17th.... if that happens I'll be on the phone to GR ASAP. I'm so afraid something will happen and they won't ship.

    All of my ducks are in a row, so to speak, just waiting for the lady herself to make an appearance. Hopefully I will know more Monday.
    Kymmm ·
    Silly.. you're not lame. I posted on your profile page yesterday. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you do and wish I had the nerve to do it myself!! lol When is your Victoria supposed to be delivered?
    Kymmm ·
    Hi there, I saw your post on the Grandin Road thread. If you end up wigging your Victoria prop, I would love to hear how ya did it and see pics! The newer edition is completely bald from her flower headband back about 2 inches. It's the only thing that I would like to change about her so, keep me posted if you wind up doing any improvements! :) Thanks!!
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