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  • blackfog ·
    LOL your right about the cake. After spending so much time working on it I wouldn't want to destroy it. Some things are to good to ruin lol! One day I will dabble with the stuff! I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pics while sipping my coffee! I could have commented on every single one. Your lighting and placement of your props are spot on and you really have an artists eye!!! Have a great one!
    blackfog ·
    Thanks so much for the nice comments on my pics. I wish I could give myself credit for that cake but it was one I found a pic of and really liked it. Never used fondant but that would be a good one to try it! I love to decorate the fireplace, it just has that air of creepy to it already!
    ter_ran ·
    Hello! Thanks for the comment on my haunted laptop! It is my main nerve center for sounds and displays in my haunted house. I love it! Thanks again!
    doto ·
    Thanks for the comment on my Uzzath Demon. He's fun. He's hooked up to a Picoboo so he chats with the kids and then lunges at them from the waste. He's got a couple friends joining him this year.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey SS! Where you from? We're in Calgary!

    Yeah, I'm sure you don't have enough going on with your haunt - a Halloween village might fill some of that quiet time. ;) (Your haunt is really incredible.)

    Here's a thread on the Dept. 56 vs. Lemax debate....

    To sum up: Lemax: cheaper, more animation, noisier, less durable, wider variety of themes, made of some kind of resin, available at Michael's (use a coupon and go soon), with online stores having a bigger selection
    Dept. 56: More expensive, porcelain, quieter, more detail, figures are more oversized compared to buildings, and often high gloss, (a bit of a downside for me), a little more restrained, and I would say better designed and painted.
    I have a tougher time finding Dept. 56. Usually we track it down at the garden centres. There's also different collector village by Hawthorne collectibles (Nightmare Before Christmas, Universal Monsters, etc.)

    Most of our collection is Spooky Town stuff, but this year we just bought a couple Dept.56 pieces. The Lemax stuff just had too much going on for our tastes. Maybe we're getting old. :P Hope this helps.
    Spooky-Licious ·
    Thanks soo much for the makeup comment! I really appreciate it! I made the wounds by hand out of a plastic bag, twisted up toilet paper, and lots of eyelash glue!
    slash ·
    that scarecrow pic in ur profile is pretty cool I have him too I got him from Spirit a while back.
    TheShadows ·
    Thanks for understanding! :) Things have started to settle down now and are much better, so I hope to get to talk with you more soon. Hope all is well with you! :D
    TheShadows ·
    Haven't been around much recently. Have a very ill family member who is hopefully on the mend now, but will know more soon. So sorry to be a downer right up front, but it's usually not this way. Looking forward to the haunting season and to getting to know you better. Will be back here more regularly soon. :D
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