ScreamingScarecrow's Album: 2009 Season: UberGrim
Hello there, is this your first visit?

2009 Season: UberGrim

  1. As Always, we start out with a clear area and we build the entire haunt!
  2. Day Shot of UberGrim
  3. NightShot of Coffin Door
  4. NightShot of UberGrim
  5. Working Guillotine
  6. Stockade
  7. Distance shot to show how ridiculously big he was
  8. I put this dress together out of two pieces of curtain!
  9. Scarecrow - Its me!
  10. Phase one with our organ
  11. Wearwolf Librarian
  12. Fortune Tellers - Get your palms Red?
  13. Vampirilla
  14. Twisted Candlabra
  15. Creepy Clock
  16. Old books in with the Weawolf
  17. Zombies! Yaaah!!
  18. Dead eye stare!
  19. Stumpy's got no arms!
  20. Haunted Picture: Wouded Vamp, Thrift store frame with picture from an old book I had.
  21. Haunted Picture: Creature of the Night and a victim, Friend gave me the frame and the picture came from an old book I had.
  22. Left over blow mold skulls, cut out their eyes, highlighted them with black, glued em together with some bones and tossed in some lights.
  23. Huanted Picture: Vamp in coffin, $1.00 frame and picture from an old book I had.
  24. Hanunted Picute: Troll with candle, $1.00 frame and a picture cut out of an old book I had.
  25. Haunted Picture: Moaning Lisa scene setter in an old painting frame from a garage sale.
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