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  • Jenn&MattFromPA ·
    Hello there! I've had Halloween on my mind lately so I came back to the Forum & have been gathering ideas for which projects I want to try & work on this year. My big one is a witch shack for the witch I got last year, and of course I remembered how awesome your shack was, so I went back & looked through your post again! Did you end up getting any Trick or Treaters? How did everyone like your amazing setup? Do you have any pictures of what it looked like all lit up on Halloween? I'd love to see them! I'm going to start looking for some free wooden pallets or fencing around here - hopefully I can work on my shack this summer. Again, I am so inspired by your house!!
    Jenn&MattFromPA ·
    Hi! you commented that you liked my skulls, so here's the post on the CRAFT thread that I posted about them (just put the WWW in front of this) -


    I tried the cotton ball corpsing method - tear up cotton balls & add them to your skull or item with modpodge, then add more layers of modpodge til it's covered. I also added pieces of paper towels in places, and I just started painting my skulls even when they were wet because I was impatient. I also modpodged on some Spanish moss. When they dried, I cut up glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth from the dollar stores and glued on the flat teeth (not fangs) as teeth for my skulls, then painted them all dirty. It was really just a mess around with it project - I messed around with it until I was happy. LOL! I'll be making more for sure! Thanks for the compliment!
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow and wow scaryB -- our witches cottage is to DIE for! Nicely done and it really is the kind of display you should keep up for more than one night! Great job!
    Baron Samedi ·
    Hi Bella.. Just dropped in to have a little nose around another UK haunt. The problem with being a haunter is that we're so busy with our own stuff we hardly ever get to see what anybody else does!
    Marvellous prop work, I have to say..I love the Cauldron creep and your tombstones are awesome, too!

    Hope your Halloween went well.

    Kind regards,

    Baron S.
    LT Scare ·
    Thanks Scarybella. My greatest passion has been to raise my son to be a good person who can, and will, maximize all his potential. I guess we are all a work in progress until our last breath, but working side by side with my son, I think has helped make both of us better. Along the way, we've built / are building some fun haunts. Haunting is fun because you get to use your imagination, it need not be exact or precise, and you get to make lots of people scream and walk away laughing. Planning helps and we have always discuss each others ideas openly. We've each seen the others' ideas work better and worse than expected. We live on the side of a hill so our lot is small compared to many of the members here on HF. Add in our crazy weather here in October and we're pretty limited in what we can do ... outside ... but wee seem to keep coming up with crazy ideas. This year we bought Evil Entity with the desire to place him over the driveway, with no idea whether it would work or not - not to mention the requirement of weather proofing him. We made it work using combinations of both our ideas. Haunts are fun.
    Kymmm ·
    Thank you for the sweet compliments! You are too kind.. :) Hope you are having a good week so far!!
    Trinity1 ·
    I checked out your albums. Amazing!!! You have quite a talent for prop making! Definitely keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! :)
    theundeadofnight ·
    Hi scarybella,
    Thanks for looking around. The sewer was a lot of fun to make, next year if I do the sewer again, it will have audio with dripping sounds / Pennywise The Clown voice and fog flowing around the floor. I enjoyed the tour of your prop gallery also, next year will be bigger and better for the both of us .
    Kymmm ·
    Thank you SO much for the picture comment! The boarded windows add so much to the set up! You'll be happy you did it! :) My boards are styrofoam but real or fake wood, they definitely add to the creep factor! lol Looks like I need to check out your albums.. :) Off I go!!
    Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    Love your work! Thank you for the kind comments. :D I'm quite happy to welcome another spreading the holiday doom & gloom to the reaches of the globe! I hope you had a wonderful Hallow's Eve ;)
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