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  • One eyed Mick ·
    Thanks for the kind comments on my gallows!

    It turned out a little larger than I had figured (It is almost 10' tall!) and it weighs a ton! The steel "Plates" are actually pieces of wood cut out and painted black to look like iron plates. I used an old hay hook so I could easily put up and take down the pirate skeleton.

    I have an old metal closet rod holder (painted black) for my lantern hook and I have several small battery operated votive candle lights inside the lantern to light it up at night.

    I threw a cargo net on the deck, along with a few bones to give it a well used look. And finally, I wrapped the lower base of the upright with rope to hide the bolts....(I need to take some more pics!)

    The crowning jewel is the vulture from the Spirit of Halloween store and I think it looks pretty cool on the crossbeam

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Scary Firefighter ·
    Thanks mic214.... although I've never really considered them "pirate" gallows I did get the idea on how to improve that prop (it use to look a lot different, look at the 2008 album) at the state fair when I saw something similar outside a Pirate Haunted Ship ride.
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow and welcome!! We share your love of gargoyles!! We have these same two with the spreadable wings but us them indoors. Yours look very cool on your outside pillars!! Hope you can get your broken props repaired soon - but hey -- the more creepy looking the better, right? And so begins the season. . . BOO!
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