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  • Kelloween ·
    oh boy..I don't know whats going on! I got the little guy that I put the picture of him on..he is like 8 inches tall? He came in my mail on Monday(I thought he was from one of the girls on facebook Halloween Realm) then I saw you mentioned Monday Ebay and I said well, maybe it was scareme.....I am always here, so no way anything was stolen..I am confused also!
    Trex ·
    Hey scareme!! Thanks for checking in, funny how some of those questions seem to "haunt" our memories for years!

    Yes we did have our competition and we won gold again!! We actually got 20/20 on the GOT portion of the challenge! We thought we didn't have a chance this year (we feel that way every year actually), but we managed the win with 80/100 possible points. There were some very tough questions this year, the GOT portion likely saved our butts!
    punkineater ·
    Your post about aging your dolls made me snort!!! "finally, I just threw them on the ground". Priceless!!! Love the way they look strewn about...I'm finding lots of creepy inspiration there:D
    Trex ·
    Good eye scareme!! Ha....well every year around this time our company participates in a city wide event called Corporate Challenge. The event spans hundreds companies and involves employees competing against other companies or similar sizes. I think there are about 20 different team challenges. The last 4 years I have been on the Trivia Team, those are our 4 gold medals!!! I am a bit of a trivia buff, I mainly focus on popular culture, art, and literature. We compete June 2 for possibly our 5th gold medal? The event theme this year Game of Thrones, so many of the questions will have medieval content and one category will be dedicated to the Game of Thrones, which we have all read and watch. So our fingers are crossed for a 5th title!!:)
    doto ·

    Glad you liked the photos. As for the National War Memorial our kids have always known it to be part of downtown Ottawa. They are aware of the shootings at the NWM and Parliament Hill in October and questioned "Why" at the time. On this particular trip it was all about having fun with Flat Talia.
    bethene ·
    Could you be near my age? (60next week) . half the time I forget my name LOL! (Are we being a sneaky reaper??) :)
    Stinkerbell n Frog Prince ·
    AHA so you were the one to wake me from a dead sleep this morning... don't you know I like to sleep till the sun burns a hole in me... well it gave me time to play with all my cemetery photos... need to send some to the printers for the rotten egg card exchange.
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