savagehaunter's Album: 2010: my newest creation
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2010: my newest creation

  1. my man eating plant.
  2. my man eating plant.
  3. my man eating plant.
  4. san diago 011
  5. this is my man eating plant.
  6. This is a store bought stone I bought and modified.
  7. I made this at a make and take at the Davis Graveyard in Portland, OR.  Thanks Davis' for teaching me how to do it right.
  8. large JOL in the window.
  9. a touch of death.
  10. JOL with dry ice.
  11. A very simple but effective prop: dry ice in a JOL with worm water.  I wet the sidewalk so the mist hugs the ground.  The TOTs commented on that more...
  12. My candles.  They were a fun easy project.
  13. Al
  14. secret reaper gifts 2009.
  15. this was a secret reaper gift.  I love it.
  16. Abby  
My Girlfriends mother made this skeleton sock-monkey for me.  My Girlfriend then made a skirt and shirt and then she added the hair and...
  17. Picture 380
  18. Picture 378
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