SavageEye's Album: Halloween 2012
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Halloween 2012

Here is the setup in our front yard on Halloween 2012.
  1. Closeup of one of the boarded up windows
  2. View of the Haunted Entry into our world.
  3. ...another pic of the singing pumpkins.
  4. another angle of "Bob".
  5. A closeup of the Haunted Ouija Board and Madame Leota.
  6. Another favorite pic.
  7. Closeup of the first tombstone that I ever attempted to make.
  8. This is my favorite picture.
  9. Grandin Road "Victoria" with the Haunted Ouija Board and Madame Leota.
  10. A pic from the street.
  11. Singing pumpkins...
  12. Here is the other tombstone that I made this year.  It was funny to sit back and listen to people laugh when they read the epitaph!
  13.  yet another closeup.
  14. A pic of MrChickens tombstone
  15. Graveyard with MrChickens animated tombstone in the background.  It rocked!
  16. My kids named this guy "Bob".  Don't ask, I have no idea...
  17. The first pic at dusk when TOT's began to arrive.
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