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  • Tannasgach ·
    Isn't that strange! Same with my dog. I've never heard of a "thunder shirt" but an otc Benydral works too. It's safe, you just have to check online to see the dosage per weight.

    Holy Cow!! Your gargoyle is killer!! :D
    Tannasgach ·
    Hello fellow Floridian!

    I just read on the board that you have a German Sheppard/Border Collie mix. What a great dog! We had a Border Collie/Sheppard/Retriever pup for 14 years. I always said she was 'smart like a Border Collie, loyal like a sheppard, and lovable like a retriever'. :)

    Just curious, how does your dog react to firecrackers or thunder? My dog would go bonkers, to the point of chewing through wooden door frames (if we were not home) to tearing up drywall. After she was gone, I read that although most dogs don't like thunder, Border Collies are especially disturbed by the noise because of their herding instinct. They want to get out to gather up the herd. What herd she was trying to gather, I have no idea. :confused:

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