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  • kam3152 ·
    Hey Rynnye
    Have you been working on any new haunted mansion Disney props? I'm interested to see what else you have in the works :)
    SavageEye ·
    Thanks for the feedback. The pumpkin is 1' x 1' not including the stem. I am going to try to attempt a larger one here in the coming weeks if I have time.
    jimmyzdc ·
    Thanks so much! I really need to put up all my pix from last year. It's on my wife's computer and I always seem to forget....now that I'm thinking about it...I'm going to do it now...lol
    Living Dead Girl 1031 ·
    It always nice to meet people that have the same obsessions :) Yes I am...I am working on a pumpkin rot style project, I have the head done for the most part, still need to add a few details but I'll be working on the body hopefully this week and I made some pvc candles. Last year I made cemetery columns but since finding this site I will be re-doing them :( Looking at your pictures, you've given me some really great ideas that I hope you don't mind if I would implement?
    Living Dead Girl 1031 ·
    Hello :) I was just looking through your albums and I wanted to say I am truly impressed with your work! Our styles are very similar and although I am just beginning to get into making my own props, you've motivated and inspired me! Your props and tombstones are such fantastic quality. I hope to see you around here on the board!
    Halloween Scream ·
    Hello Rynnye! Thank you for the nice words about my album. I did make the jellyfish costume myself and it was really great party! I haven't had a chance to look through your albums yet but I can tell they will be awesome just from the front pictures. I had to laugh when I saw your "about me section" - I have a degree in marine biology and in my facebook profile I have "marine invertebrates/charismatic macrofauna" listed as one of my interests!
    jdubbya ·
    I've been good, thanks! Actually starting on some things for next year already. Figure I can knock some stuff off during the cold weather months and free up valuable time in the summer and fall. It was a busy year and a great Halloween though. Looking forward to 2012.
    dept1031 ·
    Your most welcome ! Sorry about the long delay in shipping lol . Been very busy building Halloween stuff. Do you have a tart warmer ? Those are tarts i sent you . You will need a tart warmer . Glad you liked it :)
    gumba ·
    Thanks for the pic comments! If all works out the pirates will be talking to each other this year. If not....well, they will at least be very nice static props.
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