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  1. Starting over-best way to build flats ?

    I use 1x2 and filter fabric I get it in the off season for cheap. they are light and lay really flat.
  2. Static: Cursed Pirates

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    wow that thing is really cool wish i could afford that bad boy..
  3. Static: Cursed Pirates

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    what is the 3d printer that you used for this
  4. Waterproof flexible vines for cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    can you tell me how you connected the vines at the bottom I am trying this but the vines of different noodles can't figure out how to connect
  5. Atmosphere Effects: Most invisible scrim?

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    can you tell me where you ordered from? @Reload
  6. Weather Resistant Stump For Hiding Projector & Other Electronics

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    nice job think I will tackle this, this year
  7. Walmart Clearance pool noodles: vine building materials

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    Walmart by me in Albany NY has pool noodles on clearance .50 small 1.25 large
  8. Projection mapping tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Ok thanks i will look into that tonight
  9. Projection mapping tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    ok so i made my trace, in windows paint set the properties to 1024x768. screen res is the same . when i bring this image into serif set the project to the same 1024x768 when i look at the full screen video on the house the image dont line up like it did in paint the right side is short if that...
  10. Static: kindo's house facade/2016 haunt progress

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    Awsome job your door is amazing
  11. Static: Cemetery Entrance Pillars

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    They look really good.. how much you think you have invented in them