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  • Rikki ·
    Congrats on the sale! It hasn't gotten old for me - it's like a little party every time I make one! But yes, it can be very discouraging. My second shop has been open since early February and it's only had one sale. I'm trying everything I know to try (short of paid advertising) to get traffic to it. In looking at Google Analytics I can see that it just isn't geting seen. It gets an average of 7 views per day where CustomZombie gets an average of 37. Oh well....I just keep working at it!

    I'm certainly no seasoned seller but if you have any questions please feel free to ask! I'll help as best I can, even though some times that'll just be pointing you to the right person to ask. ;)
    Rikki ·
    Hey, just checked out your Etsy shop - your photos are great! I "hearted" your shop. :)
    It's really hard to break into the market so just keep your chin up. Follow every bit of advice you can get from successful sellers and look for a niche market. While I don't sell much, my CustomZombie store does much better than my other one because of the niche it fills. Good luck!
    JahRah ·
    P.S. Walk Like a Zombie by the HorrorPops is awesome!! Great rec on the "favorite song" thread.
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