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  • Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    Holy crap, am I happy right about now. After months of struggling with losing access to my encrypted password manager, I finally got into it *& my computer* today! YAY!!!! \0/

    I've prolly been missed, and as to the reason why... My motherboard fried out of the blue, taking my cpu and my backup drive w/ it, of freaking course. I've been dealing with warranties & the fact that I couldn't access my drives until I had the exact same hardware configuration (dual boot system w/ secure boot). After receiving the motherboard replacement, I have been trying to find a replacement cpu, & Ivy bridge architecture is pretty difficult to come by these days w/o getting raked over the coals by an Amazon 3rd party seller. Even Intel is out of stock themselves, and I've spent the last two months ordering from vendors who didn't bother following up on the special/drop ship orders even after weeks of repeated call inquiries.

    I finally found a decent priced used example, & here I am. ;)

    So anyway, I've got to get to work, this thing isn't perfect, and I need to do some backing up before reformatting due to my OS'es acting funny and the computer being only partly functional (it's not recognizing my 3Tb & 4 Tb drives, & keeps telling me I need to format them).

    @ Oaklawn: Yeah mate, I hear you perfectly. Same/same, the above is only part of it. Take care of yourself, & I'll see you all soon. :)
    bethene ·
    Welcome back! Glad you got things straightened out! Thank you for your kind words. Getting old is not for the faint of heart! !
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :DThanks for your comments on my "New Build" thread. I agree with you, Bobzilla knocked that skelly right out of the park. :D I'm so terribly excited to have him in my hot little hands....it's like a dream I keep thinking I'm going to wake up from, and instead of the Bobzilla skeleton, it will be one of those flat, paper skeletons that I can only hang on a door.:eek:
    Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    Well hiya boils & ghouls, after an extended forced hiatus, we're baa--aaack! :D Albeit a bit slower than normal, due to a serious service disagreement & phantom billing charges w/ my former ISP...

    In any case, I missed you ladies & gents something fierce. Hope you're all doing well, & looking forward to seeing what everyone had going on in my absence. Cheers!
    Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    Thanks Johnny, it means a lot. Seems as though luck will never turn anything but a cold shoulder my way. At least I'm not a sub driver, where luck is better than skill, I suppose. :)

    Ofc, the offer still stands. Anytime you're in town, feel free to ring me up. Congrats on your eldest btw, I'm sure that's a proud moment for you all. :D
    heresjohnny ·
    Oh man, don't worry about us and take care of your family. We will be here when you come back. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. BTW my older son is going to the University up there, maybe I can stop by some time when visiting...
    Raven's Hollow Cemetery ·
    Sorry I haven't been around this year folks. It's been a rough year, culminating with Mom falling after breaking her ankle, then her hip. All available funds have been going to taking care of her, helping with the bills of the 4 surgeries, and keeping her home her own. After which financially, there's simply nothing left to put towards anything, Halloween least of all.

    It's not that I've been ignoring any of you, or don't care. I've just been in a deep funk about the entire ordeal, and for that I am sorry. I stood dumbstruck when one of the neighborhood kids asked why I hadn't started decorating or working on projects this afternoon. How does one explain...
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Bahahahahaha.... You are a silly duck! How the heck are ya buddy boy? I trust all is well and that you are well?!?!?!?
    I feel like,it's been like,forever since we last spoke. Is everything still ok with you?
    witchymom ·
    worried about you, havent heard from you in months. if you dont want to talk, thats cool, just let me know youre still breathing.....
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