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  1. Static: Drylok color?

    Halloween Props
    Trying to find the Drylok color people use for a more cement look. Is is the premixed beige? I picked up the UGL grey and it is to grey/light and not the tan look I see some have achieved.
  2. Prop Showcase: Chapter 7: The Guardian and the Thief.

    Halloween Props
    Thank you HauntedWyo. The vine stem base is PVC, chicken wire, wrapped in masking tape. We cut foam pipe insulation in half and attached.After trying various ways of attaching them we mostly used hot glue as that worked the best. We then covered with pallet wrap and .7 ml drop cloths which...
  3. Prop Showcase: Chapter 7: The Guardian and the Thief.

    Halloween Props
    Shadowbox dancer, wow!! just followed you as well. Outstanding build you did.
  4. Prop Showcase: Chapter 7: The Guardian and the Thief.

    Halloween Props
    Thanks Mrincredibletou, Tried to do something less dark this year. We wanted it to be more whimsical and fun as if you where walking through a scene on a ride.
  5. Total Trick or Treator counts!

    General Halloween
    250-270 this year. Down from last year but it rained early and was cold so I think people made alternate plans. Between that and being Tuesday I am still pleased.
  6. Prop Showcase: Chapter 7: The Guardian and the Thief.

    Halloween Props
    Here is the next chapter in our ongoing saga. I appreciate all the work everyone here does and it is always inspiring. I posted more pictures of the whole yard at the link below. https://www.instagram.com/ratmonkey31/
  7. Atmosphere Effects: pics: The House at 500

    Halloween Props
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We appreciate all the participation everyone brings to this site all year. Always inspiring! Some pictures of our 2014 decorations. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h7rmiwnqmgfls7g/AAA9HEgK1hJEw-vK4B6QM8vqa?dl=0
  8. Other: Best Decoration award

    Halloween Props
    We won the award for the best decorations. Thats the good news. Bad news is a storm came in last night (still going) and destroyed decent percentage of it. 3 weeks to rebuild.
  9. Static: Wire core foam tubes as armature, where to get?

    Halloween Props
    I buy the wire for this same application at home depot. Sorry I cannot remember the gauge but it is with the picture hanging products. The one I use is garden wire and has a green plastic coating. Around $8 for 100 ft. Then over to the plumbing section for foam insulation tubes.
  10. Other: We need a Fails thread

    Halloween Props
    There are no Fails. Only happy accidents.
  11. Atmosphere Effects: $59 1200-Watt Fog Machine, Lighting and DMX controller new at Monoprice

    Halloween Props
    There is a demonstration on youtube of this machine.
  12. Lighting: Looking for correct type of spotlights

    Halloween Props
    I used some of the $10 LED spots from Big Lots w/ color gels. I didn't care for them for the opposite reason so they may work for you. I wanted a wider beam and these were too tight and only lit one tombstone well at a time.
  13. Static: 2013 Yard Set

    Halloween Props
    Thank you SF. I mainly used the spots from Big Lots and the and $10 floods from Lowes. They both work great I just realized too late that we should have had more of them. Thank you to everyone for the feed back. Funny, the pumpkin sprite was a last minute build for my 9 yr old who insisted we...
  14. Static: 2013 Yard Set

    Halloween Props
    I have been a lurker for several years and enjoy all of the creative and artistic expression.This was our yard for 2013. Both foggers died about an hour in. We also switched to LED lighting this year and it became obvious that we need to work on that. I would also like to "dirty it up" some for...
  15. Other: graveyard 2013 New at doing this but we tried

    Halloween Props
    Welcome to the obsession