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  • dawnski ·
    Hi Pumpkinpie, good to hear from you. This is my off year. But since I did the crazy superhero/villain party last year, I decided I should alternate between spooky and kitschy. 2018 will be a very gothic style Halloween and then 2020 will be the 80s party. But really, the 80s party is all I'm thinking about. This year off thing is a bummer (husband mandated). I'm hoping that I can convince him to do two on and one year off. Did you do a party this year? What was your theme?
    lkshop ·
    Thanks for the compliment! So far this year's Nightmare Before Christmas theme is coming along pretty well. Just wrapping up converting my dining room into the forest with the holiday trees.
    margaret ·

    I was wondering if you could help with some suggestions so that I can finish my clock that I have made for the Witches Ball. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have posted pictures on my Witches Ball 2016 post.

    Thank you so much

    Hilda ·
    Your message on my wall is wonky! haha
    I think it's on the back. Weird. LOL
    I spent as much on little metal corners as I did on the whole journal. Doh!! Hate when that happens. LOL
    pumpkinpie ·
    I think it's on the front....but yes it's on there...I had to watch videos recently to figure out if it was on there or not lol

    Can't wait to see it all done :)
    Hilda ·
    Got my blank journal today. Question... Is Tom Riddles name on the BACK bottom of the journal?
    Why is that?
    matrixmom ·
    I know, I secretly wish I could paint the walls too and just just paint back again.lol. Me too, just lurking about, been mostly on pinterest and hitting garage sales down here. Yeah, I narrowed it down, but not too happy with theme, just not my thing....circus/clown theme. Thats what the men in the fam wanted, so they get more involved when its something they like. Im just trying to come up with some original ideas - I actually visited the ringing museum in Sarasota and got a lot of pics. I love more the vintage circus feel. We will prob have a party too, but not the qty of people in the past....Im tired!!
    Ill keep on the lookout for ideas for ya.....
    matrixmom ·
    Hey chica
    good morning!
    Haven't heard from ya in a while. Hope all is well. Doing Harry Potter? FINALLY!!!! Yeah!!!
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