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  • OMGDan ·
    Yeah just search dan james.

    No those in the pics weren't stencils, i just took a knife freehand to those. I did stencils in 06, the pro lookin ones. Nice, but not my style.

    I wanted to go get the pumpkins tomorrow but i have to do a 6th day of work again this week. Hopefully they'll be open sunday.
    OMGDan ·
    Thanks bro. Much appreciated.

    I always thought my pumpkins were amateur and simple, well, they are, but nice to know someone else likes that style.

    I did stencils two eyars ago, they looked awesome lit up, but it's not the same as just taking a knife to it freestyle ya know.

    By fb you mean facebook?
    Spookyboo ·
    Tendrils of mist creep silently over the fallen leaves
    as a cold crisp wind whispers in your ear
    slithering shadows creep and crawl
    feeding from your fear
    It's in this moment of Halloween horror
    your unsure of what to do
    don't panic don't cry its only me
    the one and only Spookyboo

    Just a little hello from Spookyboo
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