Pumpkinhead625's Album: Ghosts of Halloween Past
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Ghosts of Halloween Past

Some of my jack-o-lanterns and props from Halloweens past
  1. Boris Jr Halloween 2015
  2. Boris, Jr built in 2009. I've made some upgrades since then.
  3. Cauldron Creep again
  4. Tombstone carved from 2" white foam 2008.
  5. Boris the spider makes his debut in 2007. I literally slapped him together last-minute, but he was very effective in my low-light front yard. The...
  6. My Cross. Carved from a single piece of 4" white foam (not including the base) in 2008.
  7. My cemetery 2014, with my Jacob Hawkins tombstone.
  8. My cauldron creep at night. (I took this picture during takedown after ToTing) in 2014.
  9. Cauldron Creep daytime (during setup). Built in 2011.
  10. My cemetery 2009. I was sick this particular Halloween, so I only set up the cemetery.
  11. My Pumpkinhead625 avatar.
  12. "Chompface"  JOL
  13. My Mummy JOL with a green LED flashlight in it.
  14. South Park Kenny JOL
  15. Grim Reaper JOL
  16. "Grrr face" JOL
  17. Bats JOL
  18. Spider JOL
  19. South Park JOLs
  20. My Mummy JOL
  21. Mummy  JOL
  22. South Park Cartman JOL
  23. South Park Kyle JOL
  24. South Park Stan JOL
  25. South Park JOLs
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