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  1. HomeDepot -- 2019

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    https://www.homedepot.ca/product/home-accents-holiday-twisting-banshee/1001303730 Went to HD to see this item 25% off, making it $148. Huge signs advertising All Halloween decor 50% off, and everything else marked as 50% off. Went to the register and there was a manager right there who insisted...
  2. Has Anyone Heard From PumpkinRot Lately???

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    Yeah, this is getting ridiculous - its going on 2 months now.
  3. Has Anyone Heard From PumpkinRot Lately???

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    Any response yet? You seem to have the most inside track of all that are concerned.
  4. Has Anyone Heard From PumpkinRot Lately???

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    I just posted this exact same query a few days ago
  5. Has Anyone Heard From PumpkinRot Lately???

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    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the blog at pumpkinrot.com has gone silent for almost a month now. Usually he posts 2-3 posts a day, or every 2 days at the longest/least. If he is going to be away, he always says so. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but I just...
  6. Shindigz 2018

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    Why are people buying dragons for Halloween?
  7. Costco 2017

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    Hi, It is about 5 feet tall, very sturdy. Price was $89 Canadian. Not sure what it is made of but would guess it is polyresin - like a plastic bin, but smells like rubber. Made by Seasonal Visions in California.
  8. Costco 2017

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    Has anyone seen the "Talking Tombstone" yet? I purchased it at my local Costco here in Mississauga, Canada.
  9. In a Dark, Dark Wood...

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    In a Dark, Dark Wood - A Haunted Halloween Geocache I have been wanting to do a Halloween-themed geocache for a long time, and I have been saving things up for a year in order to properly stock it for the season. I filled it with halloween swag, some trackable geocoins and a "nasty surprise" -...
  10. Good Local Scare Attractions - Ontario

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  11. The Ultimate Autumn Decoration...

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    Here are a couple of pics of the tree. In one pic you can see that it is already starting to change colour. Later in the autumn I will post one of the tree in full autumn regalia.
  12. The Ultimate Autumn Decoration...

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    Here in S.Ontario the cost for the tree was $550, delivery $80 - but to have them plant the tree and garantee it for 5 years, $600. This extra cost was well worth it, considering that if something went wrong, that money would be wasted. As well, the installation is done by professionals - done...
  13. The Ultimate Autumn Decoration...

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    In the back right corner of my yard was a 60 foot Ash tree, about 70 years old or so. It is the tree that my brothers and I first learned to climb, and had a lot of good memories. Unfortunately the ravages of time have not been kind to the old fellow, and about a week ago he was cut down, and...
  14. Will bath and bodyworks have Halloween soaps this yea?r

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    Sept 4th is the big smitch-over (I was told by a store manager here in Canada)
  15. Spirit Halloween Store Locator Now Up

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    Don't despair, Vancouver. Last year I basically stumbled across one right here in Mississauga. Mississauga is listed on their website, but when you click the hotlink it lists stores in Buffalo. It just means that they dont have addresses yet. No suprise for a franchise that is only open 2 months...