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  • SavageEye ·
    Are you losing the mojo? It unfortunately becomes more work than fun once you get big enough... I'm hoping to get my HHG's completed. I was having issues with the mechanics of the arm wave. I think I figured it out but, I am going out of town this weekend! :eek:
    SavageEye ·
    I'm still here... I just haven't been "here" much this year! Just swamped with kids, work and taking care of my parents. Should have my hitchhiking ghosts complete in the next couple of weeks. Will definitely post then. Whats new with you?
    SavageEye ·
    Yep... seems that as my kids are getting older it's getting difficult to do "me" things. Good to hear from you. What's on your list for this year?
    SavageEye ·
    Hey Jana! I haven't been on much as you can see. I have just been so swamped with everything other than Halloween. I don't think I have made any new props since Jack Skellington. Just Saturday, a friend of mine and I decided to take on a new project this year. Hitch Hiking Ghosts! I am going to work on the mechanics of it and he (who just happens to be an amazing art teacher) is going to paint them. I will post updates. How about you? Anything new going on in your world?
    SavageEye ·
    Good morning! Not hiding, just busy. Trying to work on getting my garage organized and cleared out so I have more room to work on projects. Nothing slated right now. How about you? What are you working on? Looked like a successful Halloween for you this past year!
    Hilda ·
    Checking in for progress report. How's that Halloween Tree coming along?!?!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Jana. Starting to feel it a bit in my bones. Last couple years I've had no money, no motivation and lots of time. This year we got a bit of money coming in and definitely more motivation, but time - notsomuch. We've got company coming which is always nice but a big distraction.

    Made a couple small purchases though, and got some ideas. Hopefully something will come together. :)
    Hilda ·
    Thank you so much for your response!! I can't wait to see Ghoulford 2.0 :D
    I have plenty of time now, for this year, a friend of mine just gave me two of those Gutter Ghosts that I'm going to hack a bit to fill the spots. That way, I can take my time for next year.
    I am looking forward to seeing your gorgeous yard haunt. You always do such a spooktacular job!
    Stay in touch.
    Hilda ·
    Hello there! How have you been? What's new and exciting. I am sure you have something wonderful planned.
    I was wondering, per our previous discussion about your ghosts, do you have any progress photos of Ghoulford? (Am I remembering his name correctly?) haha I know you told me how you made his unique twisty body, but I am having a mental block. Thanks!
    I need to replace an old ghost in my front display. I need something whimsical for out there. I thought that body type would be great.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer.
    SavageEye ·
    Did you take a month long vacation? I have never seen you away from the site for such a long period of time. Needless to say your hiatus was felt by a few of us! :D

    Here are my problems with the pos-n-stay:

    1. The hands break too easily
    2. The "pose" is not natural
    3. They are too lightweight. If the skull is 3-axis, they are too top heavy. The last two years I have had them fall over and break the plexi plate that holds the servos. This last year it was beyond repair.
    4. My drinking skeleton floats and he constantly shifts out of position.

    That is about it. Thoughts...? I am always open to perspective.
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