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  • Curlgoddess ·
    Things are going well. I'm just finally getting to really start focusing on Halloween :) I kind of accidentally started a cookie business back in December and I've been a non-stopped cookie baker (in addition to my full time job) since December until about two weeks ago. I'm taking a 3 month break for my favorite holiday.

    Thanks for the compliments on the yard! Last year was a TOTAL wash out. We had worked so hard getting things together and set up and as soon as the final touch was in place, the heavens opened up and we had to scurry to take down all of the weather sensitive pieces. It was such a bummer but kids showed up in the pouring rain.

    This year, I'm working on incorporating ghosts into my cemetery. I figure it's about time! lol :)

    You need to post some pictures of your past couple of Halloweens!
    Curlgoddess ·
    Hey PB :)
    I've been a slacker on here lately :) How was your Halloween? Ours was nuts! Even without going out of town this year, we seemed to have trouble getting everything done! lol But, we had a great Halloween anyway.

    Great news, we're already planning our Disney trip for next year :) I'm glad we're going back. Skipping it this year sucked. I need that little break in October :) My parents and my brother are going too... which isn't sitting well with Donnie, but I think that it will all work out ;)

    How's your wood shop going? Did you get your facebook page up and running? Let me know so I can follow.

    Well, I hope you guys are preparing for a lovely Turkey Day! I'm making PUMPKIN PIE to bring to my parent's house :) Always gotta keep the Halloween in there somewhere :)

    Hope you all are doing well :)
    Curlgoddess ·
    Hey PB! How've you been?
    I've been busy gearing up for Halloween 2012 and promoting the haunt :)
    Actually, that's why I'm writing, to let you know that I now have a Facebook page for the cemetery :) It's still a work in progress, but if you'd like to check it out, go here: http://www.facebook.com/2ndStreetCemetery
    So fill me in on what ya'll have been up to!
    No Disney for us this year :( We did home improvements instead. Built a nice back porch and a nice big workshop/shed :) Donnie think's it's a mancave, but it's really my MonsterShed ;) lolol
    Tell the girls that I say hello :) Donnie and I really hope we can all meet up again one day :)
    msmello ·
    Well, for starters, you can see I don't frequent these parts very much anymore. LOL I keep in contact with creeeepycathy and Tumblindice via FaceBook, so don't check in here on a regular basis. ;) How are you doing my dear? I see from her message below that you weren't invited to said parties either. hmmmm Some friend she is huh?
    creeeepycathy ·
    :D you're crazy! :D
    Glad you're working on a ground breaker. :) I'll still build something this year; just not setting up. Since I'm changing themes, there's no way I'd finish before H'ween and don't want to set up something half- a$$. And I have alot of yard work to do, so that is keeping me busy.
    Hubby has been in China for 3 weeks; will be home Sat. So, I have alot of cleaning to do for the next couple of days. ugh. Cleaning carpets, scrubbing walls and ceilings, hiding evidence, etc... We've been having wild parties. LOL Had some friends e-mail me & tell me to check out the YouTube videos of said parties, so I'll be doing that all day. :D Then I have to go to bank and get a loan so I can bribe the people to remove the videos. LOL I'm already exhausted, so it's going to be a long day. better go get started.
    Hope you have a great weekend. :)
    Sinister Sid ·
    Yo Butch!!!! What is up mister??? I haven't been around much lately. I thought I would check in with the Butcher. Any plans for Disney in the near future??? How have you been?? What is new? What is the Butcher up to lately???
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