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  • Hilda ·
    Would you like me to pick up a few of those mermaid dolls if they still have them, for you next time I am in DT? It's not problem. I go there all the time.
    kittyvibe ·
    thank you for the nice picture comments :) The one vampire that lunges forward does it very slowly and last year my brother brought his dog over. His dog saw the hands slowly creeping forward from the side view and he went berserk, thankfully he just barked and didnt attack. Had to redo my video because he did it right in the middle of it. >< I have to upload my new pics and video just have to get them off a borrowed hard drive. thanks again :)
    printersdevil ·
    I have been a member here for a long time and just today realized that there was a place for me to respond to messages posted on photos! Duh! Thanks for all the comments
    offmymeds ·
    Girl, your witches kit turned out great!!

    Hopefully I can get to one of these MNT's. Sounds like you had a great time. LadySherry is very sweet :)
    I was at the AAC center almost all day Saturday for the retiring of Mike Modano # 9 jersey
    scareme ·
    I love how you take a picture right there in your car right after you buy something. I'm always going to get to it, and end up putting it away and never taking a picture. I'm going to start making more of an effort to share things because I just love it when you all do.
    bethene ·
    Hi there, saw your great body forms, I have one, so what I did with it was put spray baking oil, aka Pam, and lined it with foil, and sprayed great stuff in it. Worked OK, next time I need to figure something else to do to make it a bit better. A possibility if you want to keep one for future use, you are lucky to have several of those!!!
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :) Thanks for your input....I just couldn't believe NO ONE was posting....but I understand....a lot of people probably have no clue!
    The Red Hallows ·
    Ah, thanks. I wish we had "finished" pictures but come Halloween day we forgot to take pictures. But, it was a cool entry that gained a lot of attention. The 'eyeballs' up on the second story move with you so it looks like the are following you, the skull in the front of the door had an open mouth and that's where the candy came out and the mirror was our magic mirror that I ran. It was fun. Thanks for the comment.
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