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  • Terra ·
    Thanks :) When I first started I got inspiration from expensive tombstones you can buy. Then looked at real graveyards to see what elements they were missing from realism. After I made a few made it a challenge to myself to come up with original ones. Made Frankie after I was looking at Boris' iconic portrait and thought that it looked like a headstone. The witch one was made after I found a glass witch window pane. Figured out a way to get it into a stone and then raided the shop of witchy items to stick all over it.
    ELH(Erin Loves Halloween) ·
    Sorry I hadn't been on here in a while. The lights I used were LED lights from Minions Web. They truly make a difference. Last year I used flood lights from Homedepot. They washed everything out and was too overcast. I would get led lights the colors are more deeper and richer and they last forever! Oh and I love your name Predator35 check out my albums, I made a predator from papermache . He is my baby.
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