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  1. Other removal of stickey residue from jars and plastics....omg

    Halloween Crafts
    I just discovered the best (and safest) method I've ever tried. After you get the paper part off, make a paste of any kind of cooking oil and baking soda (what doesn't baking soda do?). Spread it on the glue, wait a minute then just rub with fingers or use one of those green scrubby pads for...
  2. Another hello from Florida

    Member Introduction
    So awesome!!!! I have found my haunted home here!
  3. Another hello from Florida

    Member Introduction
    Just joined today! I'm in Florida, and I've always been a Halloween fanatic. I love to decorate indoors and out even though my child (ha ha) is now 38. I have a Grandson who is 13 now and I've made some pretty awesome costumes. I'm always looking year round for new Ideas for decorating. When I...