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  • HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow PS... Have I come to the right place? This IS the Pity Party, right? I'll just sit right down and make myself comfortable. Seems you are not alone here? Lot's of Halloween Forum friends that think you are an amazing Haunter who has contributed many helpful thoughts, pics and ideas through the years.... Well, allow me and MysterE to offer our encouragement and support as you make decisions about your haunting days... We hope you will reconsider what truly makes you happy when Halloween rolls around. (Yah sure - you will be tempted to say "she" made it worthwhile... But seriously, think of the joy you brought to neighbors and friends with your haunt!)

    I agree with what was said in your thread - you must follow through with doing what feels right, but you may find there is a reason that you now have the freedom to explore new directions and to take a fresh look at all the many new and creative ways you can enjoy not only Halloween, but your work and life the other 364 days out of the year. Hang in there seems like a cliche expression - but it is certainly proven that when you get up and out and mingle with the world at a large, new ideas seem to help you cope -- and time heals nearly all the traumas we face throughout life.

    Now - go see a movie... Take a trip... Get thee to a Halloween convention ( there is one in Columbus soon - MidWest Haunters Convention. There is a new thread with links ion the Forum)

    Life is short ... And as a movie I saw recently proclaims " Everything works out in the end. And if things aren't working out - it's not the end!" Hey - thanks for inviting us to the party. Hope we were good guests... BOO!
    scarey ·
    Thanks! I might try the hairdryer trick, don't own an air compressor, so glad to see something feasable =) did you have to mod the hairdryer at all, or just use the 'concentrator' attachment (not sure what its called, the one that makes the flow narrow).
    Kymmm ·
    You're so welcome!! Thanks for the compliment on the decor in the house. :) I got the very last of it put away yesterday! What a chore!! lol!! Have a wonderful Thursday!!
    MassMax ·
    Thanks, my friend. I was really pleased with how Dead Man's Cove turned out and I had a record number of TOTs.
    The boarded up window effect on your house this year was superb. And the pumpkinhead scarecrow was simply awesome - I'm very jealous!
    MassMax ·
    I second ScaryGarry's comment - your use of lighting, cobwebs,and fog was outstanding! I'm trying my first ever garage haunt this year and when I get ready to set up the lighting, I'm going to review your album. Thanks for sharing your pics!
    Kymmm ·
    Thanks for the compliment on my gravedigger!! Your garage haunt looks GREAT!! I can't even pick out one thing that I like best.. it all looks so good!!!
    Rocky Mountain Terror ·
    You should join us!!! The Colorado Haunters Association was started by Evil Andrew and is growing like wildfire. We almost have 30 members, both pro and home haunters!!! Go to this link and join us! We have a lot of events coming up, so don't miss out!

    After you create your profile, make sure you go back to the Colorado Haunters page and click on "Join Group."


    Hope to see you there!!!
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