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  • soundmankkc ·
    Yes she enjoys it, but is not in to prop building. I hope to return to England next year. I actually lived in Scotland for 4 years back in the '60s (yes I am old....) I am happy the timer is working. I am currently working with a 555 circuit to use PWM to control LED brightness and then use a servo to adjust things on the fly with VSA (I call it my low budget Frankenstein dimmer) so far it is working well. Be sure to update us with pics of your prop, would love to see them. Keith
    soundmankkc ·
    Phil, keep up the good work on your timer, it will pay off large dividends for future work. I have a daughter that lives in the UK, we visited last May, I really enjoyed England. Keith
    Guest ·
    thank you so very much for the compliments on my rocking granny! :) Cathy
    witchiepoo ·
    hi Phil, thanks for adding me - good to see lots of Uk haunters getting interested! I see you like to make props - you should take pics & put them on here - even on an album on your profile so they're easy to find - like to see all the ideas everyone has :)
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