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  1. Haunted Hotel, Motel, Inn or Bed & Breakfast Theme Ideas

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    I think this is an awesome idea.. putting all the links together. thanks for the hard work Hilda
  2. Paper Mache Disaster! :(

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    Curious as to why you were letting it dry between layers? I usually do multiple players at once.. and then add a third sometimes forth layer then let dry. Unfortunatly balloons do pop...I don't know how you can save it..sorry
  3. Likes and DIslikes Thread for 2013 Secret Reaper

    General Halloween
    Likes Homemade items are always welcome. Candelabras Old candle holders vases PVC candles Gargoyles Crows/ravens Mummys Spell books. Old cool creepy books We are doing a mad lab scene and I do not have a lot of stuff for it. Weird contaptiony things would be great. I have some glass bottles...
  4. The official 2013 Secret Reaper sign up AND Discussion Thread

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    I am in Already PM Bethany... working on my likes and dislikes now..
  5. 42 and just now getting it part 3! ..... well actually....

    46 and still in school... Working on Masters in Social work... got 2 more years to go..
  6. Winter Project: My version of a Haunted Mansion favorite.

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    No pic or link for me either
  7. Other: Need suggestions for making a wall of corpses

    Halloween Props
    Just whisper having worked some with monster mud and all of the above suggestions. I have a couple of questions. One are you going to leave these walls intact for storage? Meaning your gonna store 5 8x8 walls? Or are you going to try to pull this fabric off and store separately? My feeling is...
  8. Hot Wire Foam Factory Industrial Tool?

    Merchant Reviews
    Yes please tell us more... I have been wanting that knife but don't want to shell out the cash..
  9. Prop Showcase: Some things I made this year:

    Halloween Props
    I always light my tombstones with blue light love the look. Might want to add some pvc candles they give it a nice glow
  10. Burning Timber - Fire Effect

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Looks amazing. Really good job
  11. Cleanup time! Are you all done packing for the year?

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    Just finished packing up the stuff in the kitchen. Man is my kitchen horrible without Halloween. Bear walls and wood beams... now to get it in the attic...
  12. HELP! Haunt Prop Lighting 101?

    This would make a great group build project. We have played with making them never been able to string more than three together. Hopefully our skills will grow in this area
  13. Prop Showcase: Shadowfang Keep 2012 Props

    Halloween Props
    Greetings CyberGeek1. You really do a awesome job. I am a MCHC member so saw this yesterday when you shared with us at the meeting. My husband and I were sitting at the end of the same table as you. Loved when you brought the heads to show the club. Hopefully we can do a make and take...
  14. Once Upon A Nightmare - ScaryTales 2012

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    that invite was excellent... Would love to go to a party where someoe was into Halloween as I am
  15. Lighthearted's Halloween Display 2012

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    Magical. Not sure I saw all of these on your Facebook page. Love it