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  • cinders ·
    Paula, it was a pleasure meeting you and your husband at GLFF! I had a great time and hope to go again next year. Thanks for the friends request. Talk to you soon!

    Cindy (cinders)
    ELH(Erin Loves Halloween) ·
    Oh thank you so much for offering. I would love to trade cards with you as well. My moms transplant has been hard, if going through having your lungs removed wasnt enough she had a stroke on both sides of her brain. Her recovery is almost as if she is child like? She is relearning everything and so weak and tired from the major surgery. It is sad, but I keep telling myself at least she is here. At least I still have her. How are you doing? Are you thinking about Halloween 2012?
    hallorenescene ·
    oh boy, i just wrote down your address and will send you a halloween card if that's alright? but are you sure you want your address out there like that? just saying
    bethene ·
    Great Lakes fright fest? I am jealous, we always have other camping plans that week end,, I only do state park halloween week ends, and a small one at home, I know there are a few folks on haunt forum from Mi. 2 in my area that are on here too, but mostly there, would love to see their stuff some times, bigger than mine!!
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Howdee! It is always nice to have a new Michigander in the ranks. I am from Hillsdale. Stop by my page sometime. Its not great but it is home. Welcome to the insanity you can find here. Enjoy!! Looking forward to pics of your haunt.
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