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  1. Static: Horse/hearse on a budget.

    Halloween Props
    Really great work! The re-purposed parts fit right in, and I love how you made the skeletal horse be in an 'action' pose.
  2. Mechanical: Man Eating Plant (image heavy)

    Halloween Props
    That's great! Really love how it came out, good paint job. Post a video if you can!
  3. Static: Gargoyles, gargoyles...and more gargoyles :)

    Halloween Props
    These are great. I really enjoy the contrast between them all - but there are some common style elements that help them fit together, too. I know nothing about selling online, but it seems like the overall costs are low to list things on places like Etsy or Ebay. I do know that having really...
  4. Static: Another Halloween Tree with a Magic Mirror Inside

    Halloween Props
    I think they'll love it! Really love the texture of the tree bark! Do you have any well-lit pictures and/or how-tos?
  5. Fair~Lane Hotel - Lenticular Sign Tutorial (sort of)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Very neat effect and nicely executed.
  6. Other: Halloween carnival shooting gallery table - how high to make it?

    Halloween Props
    This year for Halloween we're working on making a shooting gallery with nerf guns and a few interactive targets. As part of the gallery we need a table which will both be where the guns are anchored and where the kids will stand to shoot. My problem is I don't know how high to make it! I want...
  7. West Coast Haunter's Convention in Portland, OR [May 16-18 2014]

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I didn't see a thread for this convention, so I thought I'd put one up. Next week is the West Coast Haunter's Convention in Portland, OR. The website is http://hauntersconvention.com/. They have a lot going on with 4 simultaneous presentation tracks, pay-to-attend classes, vendor booths...
  8. Electronic/Software: 8 foot motion-activated giant tarantula

    Halloween Props
    Thank you all very much for the comments! I really appreciate them, they have filled me with glee :) I think it would work much better and I would certainly look to using some kind of metal cable in the future. Can I ask where you get it, and how you terminate the ends? I saw that...
  9. Other: My Over-run Spider Facility and Exterminator 2013

    Halloween Props
    Love the unique theme and of course, all the spiders! Especially the big one :)
  10. Prop Showcase: Shadowfang Keep 2013 Props

    Halloween Props
    Fantastic and very inspirational! I love how you've made very unique things. Hard to pick favorites, but I must say the giant eyeballs dangling by optic nerves would be my pick, followed very closely by the sewer beast that was snakelike.
  11. Prop Showcase: 2013 setup day n night video

    Halloween Props
    I can hear and see both videos just fine! I think your yard is great - lots of variety. I really liked the skeleton in the coffin (so much motion!) and the flying ghost, and you had good lighting too. I understand feeling dwarfed by the amazing people on this forum - I only had one prop...
  12. Electronic/Software: 8 foot motion-activated giant tarantula

    Halloween Props
    The body of the spider is made of two planks of wood which sandwich a bunch of PVC 4-way connectors. Due to the weight of everything, the PVC was not very stable and legs kept working themselves loose. So I drilled holes through the connectors and the legs and dropped in bolts to act as pins...
  13. Electronic/Software: 8 foot motion-activated giant tarantula

    Halloween Props
    In 2011 I made a giant tarantula. The body was hollow, made of cardboard and plastic. The legs were made of pipe insulation and foam, and the whole thing was covered in long fur. I tried to give it moving arms, but my string-powered arms never worked right and it required an actor inside to...
  14. Mechanical: How to make spider egg sacs wiggle?

    Halloween Props
    I'm hoping to pick your brains for ideas :) I would like to hang up some giant spider eggs sacs that would wiggle on their own. I am trying to think of something I could buy and re-purpose for this. Maybe something like a toy. I would like it to be: - self contained (runs on batteries) - not...
  15. Prop Showcase: Finishing the spider

    Halloween Props
    Nice big spider! I'm not sure if you mean best way to attach in terms of "looks" or in terms of glue/nails/etc. If you are asking about the pose, I would take a look at pictures of real spiders. This is a good image...