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  • matrixmom ·
    I read you still have the half whiskey barrel! I wish I could have kept my full size one. But that bad boy was huge. Plus we sold for it $150. It went really fast.
    punkineater ·
    Wow~thanks for the compliment! I'll be posting the party pics in the next few days or so. After 3 days of rain, and under threatening skies, Sat was a perfect evening for the party.
    The Halloween Lady ·
    No, I'm usually still building and setting up right up till our party starts. Then I'm so tired I usually go lay down with our dogs and just let my hubby handle the party. But with 150 or more guests nobody really notices my absence. Lol
    What wonderful things have you made so far?
    I had it on my round glass table in my foyer last year! I bought some matt clear coat that has uv in it and I might spray it to protect it and then put it out in my cemetery. Not sure though! I had originally purchased it for my buffet table and boosted it up with some books under it and then the tablecloth.
    I love that skull! It makes a statement for sure!
    Hilda ·
    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that your latest project looks like crap. hahaha Get it? Crappified cauldrons? (I'm still on that roll.)
    The sleep deprivation is taking it's toll. ;)
    pumpkinpie ·
    Yeah my rule is no more than $50 for props...and with food and drinks I usually cap out at about $100 with costumes, props and food. This year should go pretty good if we have it...I'll spend about $30 on props and I'm trying to run my menu around coupon deals :) It's hard to stay on budget with so my amazing props out there but it's nice to have one of a kinds (I'm a glutton for a compliment ;) lol )
    pumpkinpie ·
    Awww thank u for your kind words....and yes I totally think he is cheering us on. Sorry I haven't posted any projects yet but we had a couple little snags that had me thinking we may have to rethink our party again. (Hubby had to do a schedule bid that could have cut his pay by 15% if he couldn't get the evening/weekend shift and the second....his employer is changing pay cycles and has also decided to deduct pay to put it into a reserve to serve as a final check should employees leave or get fired. Just my luck the $1200 is out of Octobers check ugh. But on my bday we got the good news and he gets to keep his shift and pay and now he's just doing as much overtime as he can to offset the $1200.) So i promised him no projects till late July and only if we think we can swing it.

    oh and as for all the nice comments. ...that's cause u won't stop making such nice projects ;) You are always one of the ones I follow....such creative ideas :) I still think your arrows in the roof last year is among my absolute favorites. ...I can't wait to do a western theme....
    Bethany ·
    Hi Paint It Black! :) Summer is HOT. I don't seem to be accomplishing as much as I wanted, but that's ok with me. Close to opening Etsy shop. Need to get some more boxes from P.O. then should be ready to "bite the bullet".

    I absolutely LOVE your latest project. You have done a phenominal job on it!! Feel free to send him to me when you tire of him. ;)

    Love seeing your Tiki progress!!
    ooojen ·
    Your projects are all so, so, excellent! I'm a fan of that balance of creepy with a dash of humor, and you do it beautifully!
    a_granger ·
    Hi, your so welcome. I just love all the wonderful inspiration I get to draw form this forum!! Happy haunting PIB.
    pumpkinpie ·
    Awww thank u :) That will b so cool, make sure u post pics :) hopefully I'll have some props to post soon...thinking I may start one of my paper mache tikis this week :) I'm so excited!!!
    pumpkinpie ·
    Awwww thank u, yeah I'm making my son come as a vampire with a bad sunburn lol (he says he'll do it only if he can go all tourist...hawaiian shirt, shorts, black socks and fanny pack) lol

    I will definitely be posting just as soon as start crafting. Btw your stuff is looking so good!!!! And I love love love your skulls.

    We are going to go more tiki lounge to save on budget and time :) I'm just so excited to even b throwing a party this year (I used part of my mother's day guilt to get my way lol)
    matrixmom ·
    Yeah def no party, but just making a couple of things. Check out my album and see if you can figure out my theme this year...lol it pretty obvious....
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