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  • Tannasgach ·
    I'm a mod podge this year. For our party, I'm going with a classic monsters theme - loosely based on the Universal characters. I have a Frankenstein monster but not thee Frankenstein, Dracula's Pub, Mummy's Crypt, Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Hunchback, Invisible Man.... Outside, for the tots, I'm planning on a witch's theme for the porch (I gotta have a witch), skeletons, scarecrow, cemetery. And maybe a small Poe display inside. In fact, all my displays will be small, I'm trying to downsize :eek: but with so many themes - oh, the possibilities!
    Tannasgach ·
    The Rolling Bones?! Omg, I'm rolling on the floor over here. Great theme Paint, perfect for you! I must have missed that one in your 'rotation of themes' :D Cannot wait to see what you mastermind for this one! Do you have a thread started yet?
    The Halloween Lady ·
    I LOVE what you did with the dollar store mask you have pictured in your albums! What did you use to get the fleshy tendons across the skulls forehead?
    matrixmom ·
    OMG - just found that cool stick on thing on my reaper box.....I pulled it off and def will find a use for it this year! How did you make that....so cool
    offmymeds ·
    That sounds like a blast! and darn it, I passed up a colorful Mohawk wig this weekend at the thrift store!
    Not having a party this year, just decorating the yard and I'm going against everything and having a modge podge of stuff. I've already made 2 packing tape ghost and I will be making a new fence and I hope to get a cauldron creep made :D
    Let me know if you need me to be on the look out for anything!
    punkineater ·
    Thanks for the tips & heads up! I'm in loooove with those jars~will have to be on the lookout for square ones(we don't belong to Costco) Your cauldrons came out equally fantastic! I tried that technique, but think I didn't get enough great stuff smeared on...your before/after pics will really help for my second attempt:D Always on the lookout for good things/ideas to add to the voodoo swamp shack~I think those heads might be perfect for the posts along the 'swamp walk'!
    Thanks again, PIB, for sharing your pics and for all the wonderful inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!
    doto ·
    I threw out my underworld facade walls because storage was impossible. Thus the Nevermore Productions wall want.
    When I tried GS skulls all I got was an uncured goopy mess. Any tips?
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey, PIB. Just wanted to to thank you for the photo comment on our Bach tombstone. Credit for the wording goes to SavageEye though. We generally like to make up our own epitaphs, but I saw his tombstone and it was just too good not to use (with permission.) :)
    Tannasgach ·
    Thanks Paint! :D I'm glad you liked the album. I finally, got to do the Carnevil theme. There was so much I had planned that I scraped but I just needed to get this theme over with so I could move on. I didn't want to invest too much money into a one year theme so I just thought of ways to repurpose my current props. I loved your Freaky Tiki btw. It came out phenomenal! Do you know your theme for next year? I'm going with a permanent display of skeletons, witch, pumpkin patch and graveyard outside and classic movie monsters inside.
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