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  • hallorenescene ·
    thanks, and happy halloween to you too. i hope you are as excited as i am, tomorrow is going to be so fun. i still have my game to make, and all my plug ins to be plugged in. oh boy. well see you after the event
    hallorenescene ·
    so here is a picture of my new mausoleum. i've added some blocks to the sides. i'm wondering if i should take them away or leave them. which way do you like better? with or without the side blocks?
    i thought about that vodka bottle. it's pretty pricey though. i'll look around, i'll come up with something. i didn't know there were glass busts out there, thanks for telling me that. well, you gotta love youe sisters reaction. lol. i bet she would give you the lousy vodka though. lol.
    hallorenescene ·
    i'm keeping my eye open. i have my daughter looking too.

    it's been awhile, but i have visited your albums before. i like looking in peoples albums. but i look at so many, i don't always remember where to look when i need something. thanks for being in google. lol.
    hallorenescene ·
    that will be so exciting if you get in the museum. my daughter and i love museums. with your work you have a good chance. 2 days is even better yet.
    what! you haven't put out your blow mold ghost....egads. lol. i have mine out. i did it oct 1st. i do love blow molds.
    is that your mausoleum i copied? i found it in google and liked it. i had 2 i saved, but went with this one for this year. i want to put door knockers on the doors yet, and fake tourches in the window. well thanks for the inspiration on my mausoleum. oh, and i would like to find a glass head to put where the bust is in your mausoleum in my mausoleum
    hallorenescene ·
    oh, that would be very cool to make it in the museum. exciting. i hope you make it.
    sounds like you got a bunch of useful stuff.
    my daughter and grandson are helping decorate this year. my daughter will be in the haunt.
    if i recall from pictures i've seen, you have a large area to decorate. sounds like you have some fast work to do.
    and i got my mausoleum done. i liked the first one better, but this one is fine.
    hallorenescene ·
    oh, the winds in minnesota. i lived in rochester right after high school, and shortly after moving there i had to go downtown for something. well, i weighed 98 pounds back then and i had to go past the mayo clinic. oh my word, picture this, the wind was blowing me backwards. i had to grab a poll and hang on. when the wind would die a little, i would have to trudge ahead as fast as i could and with a lot of effort and make it to the next pole. it took me awhile to get where i was going. very embarrassing and a lot of effort. after that i avoided that area. it was faster to take a wider area away from there to get where i was going.
    our tot night starts at 5 pm here. gets over at 7pm. kinda sad. we never as kids went out so early. i'm just going to do this year as much as i can, and call it good. just don't have the time. do you have someone to help you this year. my daughter and grandson are helping this year.
    so what did you get for your reaper gift? to bad you didn't get someone into dotd. you have some really cool items you've made.
    hallorenescene ·
    i also think if i had enough glass to do a complete square and then put a thin sheet of plastic glass for a roof, and then added another row of blocks on top it would help. hhmmmm, you're right, the back isn't an issue. i don't have any cement blocks, but i have lots of bricks.
    the double sided foam tape does hold pretty good. and yes, the garage floor will be more sturdy and level. mausoleums are built from lots of different materials, and lots of different looks. in snow white they laid her body in a glass tomb. i'm doing an adams/munsters style theme this year, and they were always talking about visiting their dead, so i thought why not a glass tomb where they can see their dead. i think this glass is pretty, but kinda distorts what's inside. so if i build a glass tomb, and put a lit up dancing skeleton inside, it will be fun to try and look inside and make out the families relative. i can also if anyone comments on the glass say.... well you know what they say about people who live in glass houses, well, they're burried in glass houses. lol
    a few years ago, my daughter and i went to a garage sale, and they were giving away all these glass panels, so we took them. what to do with them. i didn't have much for tombstones, so i turned them into tombstones. now i needed a mausoleum. hhmmm, what if i built it of glass to match the glass tombstones. i think it will look cool my glass graveyard.
    wow, if you decorate on the 30th, you must mad dash it. lol. yeah, i hear you about a busy year. so did you do reaper 1 or 2? that's great your reaper gift put you in the mood. the reaper is fun every year. and i love what i get every year. a pallet coffin will be cool. i'll have to watch for pictures. i'm sure what he got he will like. who was your reaper, and who did you have for a victum?
    hallorenescene ·
    i used the double sided sticky back foam tape along both sides of the rim of the brick, and then i took packing tape and ran down each row of bricks, and across each row of bricks. my daughter wondered if maybe it just got to top heavy. i found there were only maybe 4 bricks that smashed. so i am re building my mausoleum but in my garage. we'll see what happens. i'm going to keep saving the glass when i can find it, i hope to eventually have sides and and a back. thanks for taking such an interest, and let me know how the velcro works out. that's an interesting idea. so how are you coming on your halloween decorating?
    hallorenescene ·
    thanks ondeko. i have been wanting to build this for a few years now. i have been buying up all the glass i can at garage sales and goodwills. i want it to be eventually bigger, but was happy with the start this year. i have 2 dancing light up skeletons i was going to put behind the glass. and i have glass tombstones. well, back to the drawing board. i am going to still try to build it this year, i will just incoporate another form of medium into it. i thought it turned out real pretty.
    Ravenfell Manor ·
    Hey ondeko. You said you wanted me to post some pics of my completed werewolf. I added them to my Ravenfell Manor 2011 album. Hope you enjoy. The camera didn't do it justice but it was one of the biggest hits of the haunt.
    davidsdesire ·
    thanks! i ordered some fabric from that site. I can't wait to get it ..... and let it sit in my craft box forever waiting for me to do something with it. Bwhahahaha!
    Halloweenie1 ·
    Hello Ondeko,

    Loved the cat pic! Please join my friends list, if you would like....
    see ya around the Forum....Take care, H1 :)
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