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  • Tannasgach ·
    Hi omm! Happy Halloween season 2017. :D The forum's been so quiet this year; where is everyone?! I always love your themes and creativity. Are you working on anything yet?
    dawnski ·
    Thanks so much. Not my usual Halloween style theme but it was a lot of fun for everyone. Preparation nearly killed me. Taking a year off and maybe back to a traditional gothic Halloween as a "palate cleanser"
    Paint It Black ·
    Thanks! Oh, and I totally know what you mean about your display this year. I have thought about how when we get so focussed on themes, we miss out on some of the basic Halloween stuff . A mixed up yard of fun stuff would be great to do some year. I am excited to see your new projects!
    matrixmom ·
    I had an idea for ya.....instead of mother goose and nursery crimes.....Mother Noose and nursery crimes. In case you do the theme again. :)
    Paint It Black ·
    Hi OMM! I am planning a Halloween rock concert this year - featuring The Rolling Bones. Haha. How about you? I always love following your theme for the year.
    Hilda ·
    Absolutely brilliant work on the Nursery Crimes!!
    I have to go back through the album again!!
    punkineater ·
    Oh, I loved your Nursery Crimes 2015 theme and all of the photos!!! From each crime scene to the costumes~looks like you had a fantastic party!!!!!!!!
    Phantasm ·
    I'm thrilled that you liked everything! I was cracking up when I saw that you commented on the picture I posted of the plant the other day. I was glad to know that you would at least like that! I hope everything made it okay! :D
    Texas_T ·
    Oh I remember it well, I managed to collapse the awning on my trailer (full of water by the way right on top of my head). My camping buddy actually happened across it about five years ago while camping out there. We have been participating ever sense and Love every moment of it, Now days there are about fifteen to twenty of us not including all the kiddos from the baseball team that help out. We have won our sites the last two years, but we keep managing to get the second week before Halloween, but there is always still a good turn out except for the rain last year that was pure misery.
    Paint It Black ·
    Hey there! Thanks for popping in on the tiki island thread. I do appreciate your thoughts. I am going to be keeping track of your projects this year too, as I have a plan for scary tales at some point down the road. And, you always come up with such clever ideas.
    punkineater ·
    Hey omm!
    Thank you for all the photo comments:D I can't wait to see what you do with the Nursery Crimes theme-so much good inspiration with a fun twist!!!
    CherryBrandy79 ·
    Our theme is bloody aslyum...we are actually working on the invites right now and then starting some other inside/cold weather projects. I probably will post a pic of them probably within the week. We are really finding it harder this year, because its a little harder of a theme than Carnevil. How is things coming along for your Nursery Crimes theme?
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Well from everything I have seen so far you are not only pulling it off, you have gone above and beyond what I did!!!
    You really are doing a stupendous job! :D :D
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey you, it really looks like your theme is coming together fabulously! I had a lot of fun with this theme last year. What all do you have left to do?
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