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  • doto ·
    I had a chance to go through your albums...you've got some serious sculpting skills. Since it looks like you do a major project every year, I am wondering if you have anything planned for 2013?
    blackfog ·
    Hey October!! Nice work there on your headless horseman! Beautiful job you did and it looked awesome on your yard!! Hope you had a great night despite Sandy!
    Sinister Sid ·
    Your horse is looking fantastic. Great detail. I can't wait to see the finished product. The proportions are perfect. Nice work!!!
    estertota ·
    Very nice picture. I have no idea if there is any way to send visitor message to all friends, I know that there is that option when you are sending PM message, don't know if it is possible with visitor message.

    tlc102462 ·
    Very nice - how is the rest of the costume going to look?? I have no idea how to send a message to all friends. Sent the rest of the costume pics soon!!
    blackfog ·
    Nice job on Frankie!!!! I am also from Southeastern Pa in Chester County! Enjoyed looking at your pics and I also love the skele with the pumpkin....clever pose!
    doto ·
    The wings you commented on are wings that sold with a ltex chest piece. I have tried to find that combination for a couple years. The wings with shirt are still available. They are from California Costumes and I think they are available in a grey as well. You should be able to find them easily.
    creeeepycathy ·
    thank you for the compliments in my album. :)

    I LOVE your pics. Is that a block of foam you scuplted the frankenstein head from? Wow! you need to do a tutorial of that! I've seen hands done, but never a head. That is awesome. :)

    OctoberDream ·
    Yes, but I did not think we were allowed to post larger then 90kb. I Have a lot of photos from years past. What is the protocal for posting them?
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