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  • Witchat1&70 ·
    Loving the 2018 builds. Until now, I've been concentrating on the inside of the house, but I've started thinking about the outside and would love some pillars. Only problem is, I have no idea where to start. I'll be haunting your page to see if I can get some tips!
    punkineater ·
    I thought you were going to say, regarding the man cave hangout, too much beer drinking. Awww, a little paint fumes never hurt anybody:confused: Great that you've knocked out two, and I'm jealous of your heated workshop:p

    As for the tombstone mods, of course not, but should have! Now they're in the swamp shack storage. Used real cemetery pics as inspiration-some of them turned out great, some might get a quick do-over come next haunt season. You know, the learning curve as you go along. How the new paint will translate in nighttime photos is anybody's guess, but they look pretty b*tchin' in the daylight!!! I tried the glue, craft sand & paint technique-FAIL. Might try again come this summer on the ones that turned out meh. My stones aren't anything to write home about, but they get the job done. No fancy obelisks or celtic stones~maybe someday. All we have is the crappy white beaded foam here...not the easiest stuff to work with.
    punkineater ·
    Hey! Just the usual trying to make it through the 'other holiday' stuff. Made some Merry Creepmas ornies out of old Xmas light bulbs, also finished our 2017 costume awards, repainted & added faux moss to most of the tombstones...small things that can be done while it's colder than you-know-what out. How about you...ready for Santa?
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :)I like your "wine flushes".....reminds me of mine.....
    Ha, ha, ha....so funny.....You should play with me, GYM.......
    punkineater ·
    Did your daughter get married? Hopefully, it was a beautiful, drama-free day for all of you! Time to buckle down for and zombie-up:D
    lisa48317 ·
    Yes it is! It's not that far from my house, only a mile or so. There's a new minor league baseball field right around the corner so they're doing a great business there.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey OC! Thanks for the comments on our Spooky Town. My wife loves good reviews.

    Just took another look at your haunt photos. New mausoleum and stones look amazing. Can't wait to see the final setup!
    punkineater ·
    Ross is a dept store along the lines of Home Goods, TJMaxx, etc...they are a discounted store, don't restock, what you see
    is what you get kind of a deal. My guess would be the metal cemetery gate sign was offered up 3-4yrs ago. https://www.rossstores.com/
    punkineater ·
    Sorry to hear about the Boss~sending happy thoughts for a quick resolution & recovery!!! Yes, that would take the wind out of your sails.
    matrixmom ·
    Nothing special -(IMO) but they are so collectible. Her light up, hands move back and forth.She's from circa @1983
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