oaklawn Crematory's Album: Projects for 2019
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Projects for 2019

  1. oaklawn cemetery
  2. Atkins is done but I think Davis needs some more work to it.
  3. pair2
  4. Kerkau  & Davis need more contrasting weathering paint work.
  5. Ready for lettering and final paint. I had planned on putting small lettering on the bust but that ended in disappointment.
  6. police monuments:  1st coat of trim paint down.
  7. Twins:  I was going to make these dark but changed my mind.  1st trim coat down.
  8. Kerkau: Not too thrilled with the dark color on this one. I'm going to add a little gray shade to this.
  9. mourning mortality
  10. Davis 1967
  11. concept one of two. Readied for final sanding
  12. moorehead
  13. beginning 2019
  14. cross
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