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  1. What is considered a Home Haunt?

    General Halloween
    I've always though of a home haunt as being a home made haunted house, be it a walk through outdoor maze, indoor garage haunt, or other attraction where people go through it and actors or animatronics scare them. To me a display would be decorating the house and yard without having people going...
  2. Trick Or Treat 2019 was awesome!

    General Halloween
    We weren't sure exactly how things would turn out this year because the weatherman was calling for rain on Wednesday, wind and light rain Halloween morning, a break in the afternoon and early evening (but still windy), then severe storms around 8 to 10pm. We had bought a 10 x 10 pop up canopy...
  3. Older Trick or Treaters

    Halloween Props
    I actually sold this prop earlier in the season, but here is the tutorial for it...
  4. I'm about to call Halloween off

    General Halloween
    Rained all day today, supposed to all day tomorrow to, but we may get a break in it for TOT before thunderstorms blow in with a front around 9 tomorrow. I had a feeling earlier this summer and bought a 10x10 canopy just in case. Set it up and decorated it in the driveway today to do TOT from...
  5. POLL: Do you decorate the same every year?

    General Halloween
    I do the same theme every year with a few small changes and new additions. I have a backstory to my haunt and try to stick to it with the display. I do, however have ideas brewing for a major theme change once my witch becomes too worn out to use any further. She has begun to show some signs of...
  6. light model suggestions for cemetary?

    General Halloween
    I bought a few nano spots from Frightprops to try out this year to illuminate some tombstones up front in my graveyard. Tried ground mounted lights and I didn't like that you can see an obvious light path back to the light source on the ground. was blown away by the results of mounting these to...
  7. Share photos of your outdoor decorations šŸŽƒ

    General Halloween
    Getting there...
  8. Handling grass for yard haunts

    General Halloween
    Mow a few days before setup and let it grow the rest of the month. Helps to hide cords too. I even import tall dry grass and dried reeds and "plant" them in little tubes all over the yard for an even more overgrown look. I go to a nearby field with a machete and cut a bunch of them. I import my...
  9. Static: Pumpkin King Scarecrow part 2

    Halloween Props
    Zip ties at the shoulders, Romex at the elbows, copper tube at the wrist. Don't ask me why I used something different at each joint because I don't remember my reasoning. Who knows why I do these things.
  10. I'm all about that base.....

    Halloween Props
    I've taken to using the ends cut off of big plastic rope spools as bases for my props. No worries about rot from ground contact and I just drill 4 quarter inch holes spaced out around the edge, then use a 2ft piece of thick all thread rod with a nut on the end to stake them down. Any exposed...
  11. Static: Pumpkin King Scarecrow part 2

    Halloween Props
    Think I'd rather just drop the Youtube video here instead of trying to track down all of the photos...
  12. Outside Projector

    Halloween Props
    Just putting this out there - you can half the distance needed for rear projection by using a large mirror to bounce the projection back at your window. I did it last year to avoid having my entire living room blockaded by the projection and it worked great. Even greatly reduced the projectors...
  13. Spider Victim Costume Ideas Needed

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Your idea pops into my head as someone covered in webs and dust with spiders crawling all over them. Maybe do some faded, dirty outfit with some beef netting added for stretchable webbing under the arms, then add some of the good ole cheap bagged webbing hooked over buttons or glued down to...
  14. Grandin Road 2019

    General Halloween
    Why do I have the urge to light this thing on fire and dance around it's flaming corpse? lol
  15. Target Halloween 2019

    General Halloween
    TOO CUTE! lol. Target is one of my go-tos for cheap skulls though.