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  • Hallomarine ·
    You mentioned the fact you use wooden tombstones. This is interesting to me, as my graveyard I am working on has an 1800's theme. I am always looking for more ideas on wooden tombstones. I tried a couple of times to make foam ones look wood with no success. Do you have any pictures? HM
    FreshMeatScreams ·
    Yea, I'm from Interlaken, my parents still live there and that's where I do my home haunt. That's crazy you know someone from Interlaken considering how small the town is! It's a small world I guess :)
    ter_ran ·
    Amazing rides "NoCHEVYS"

    They look great and have been rebuilt back to perfection! I myself am currently doing the frame off restore for my 68 Chevy Elco right now. Eventually I plan to retire with my uncles 57 Nomad as he said he was leaving it to me when he cannot drive no more. It was originally my grandfathers in which he was the original owner. It will stay in the family as it should be. Thanks for sharing the great pics!
    nochevys ·
    Hello and welcome. I am a small time home haunter from Central New York. I try to improve on the previous years haunt each year. I work with a small budget usually a couple hundred bucks a year. We typicaly get 2-300 TOT'ers a year.
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