nightbeasties's Album: Vintage Halloween Pin Ups and Glamour Gals
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Vintage Halloween Pin Ups and Glamour Gals

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  1. Ellen Drew 1941 - I've found this image in several places online, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sexy Witch was the first to publish it online, so...
  2. Four Fabulous Witches, 1941, found on Sexy Witch
  3. Clara Bow
  4. Clara Bow  
October 14, 1929
  5. Janet Leigh
  6. Janet Leigh
  7. Joy Hodges
  8. Halloween
  9. Virginia Welles
  10. Gale Robbins
  11. Penny Edwards & Barbara Bates
  12. Ann Rutherford
  13. Is this Nancy Carroll? Kind of looks like her and she did so many Halloween pics. When I find out I'm sure I will go DUH but right now... no clue.
  14. Four contestants of the Halloween Slick Chick beauty contest in Anaheim, Calif. 1947
  15. Halloween Glamour Girl 
Peggy Ryan, 1944
  16. Nancy Carroll,  
  17. Nancy Carroll
  18. vargas$cat
  19. Judy Garland, clearly a publicity shot and such a cute one! I did some looking around and couldn't find a year.
  20. Judy Garland '38 or '39
  21. Veronica Lake,publicity shot for I Married a Witch
  22. Poster for I Married a Witch
  23. George Petty's 'Salem Witch' (1945)
  24. Riding High Model 
PG13 I hope!
  25. All Smiles 1962 
Gil Elvgren
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