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  • KimilyTheStrange ·
    Wow!! This is the first time I have logged in to the forum in forever. I have been busy with my new job and haven't had time (due to coming home tired, heh!) to do anything.
    We aren't going to decorate this year. :( Since I changed jobs, I now work for Dept. of Public Safety (which I'm loving!), I don't have any personal leave time to be able to take time off to decorate the brothers house. He is also very busy with things of his own, so we jointly decided to wait until next year.
    I did get 4 tombstones finished so by next year I should have a many more! Dad and I also want to attempt to make a full size horse drawn hearse, that is sturdy yet storable. We will see how that project goes with all the other house remodeling we are all doing, heh!

    Hope you have a wonderful night tonight!!!

    Sipesh ·
    I just happened to notice your screen name. Having written my own first name backward a time or two, I can't help but wonder if we're both Kristens?
    netsirk ·
    Too funny about your nephew. Fortunately for my kids, they have been exposed to all my macabre stuff from early on, so not much fazes them...at Halloween, I have my neice dress as my "anamatronic" and scare some of our TOTs...
    KimilyTheStrange ·
    LOL... we almost shared a birthday!!
    My decorations at home were strictly for myself as well. I know attempt to scare my nephews friends, since my nephew (being 6) isn't scared by anything...ahem. He comes up with the weirdest ideas for props...stuff that is even to gruesome for me to do!!

    I've heard the same... Halloween Freak names myself, or that I'm strange, insane, crazy, bizarre...etc.

    Get on that profile!! Heh!
    netsirk ·
    I never realized I had a profile page I could update. How funny is that?! That must of been a default birthday when I first signed on in 2004 because my B-day is in May. I am 36.

    I guess you would say I home haunt. I do it strictly for myself. DH is not as into it, but is supportive of my obsession LOL! My kids think I am nuts at times. My daughter (she is 8) calls me a "Halloween Freak".
    KimilyTheStrange ·
    Your birthday is 12/31? I have to ask what year. Mine is 1/1/68 so we almost share the same day!!

    Do you do a home haunt or haunt elsewhere for Halloween?
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